Other Events

Photos of other events at Anime North

AnimeNia Cosplay Gaming Event

A new cosplay gaming event combining a card game with the action of cosplayers and fans.

Anime North Charity Auction

Come one, come all, to see the display of merchandise at the display area in Hall AB of the Toronto Congress Centre up for bids in a live auction in the Cohen ballroom on Sunday afternoon from 12 to 4 PM. All proceeds of the auction will be donated to Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

BotBrawl Tournaments

Custom build robots fight to the death in gladiatorial fashion! Robots ranging from 1 pound to 150 pounds meet in combat right before your eyes!

Fashion Monster Isekai Cafe

Fashion Monster Isekai Cafe

Get ready to get isekai’ed and join us in the world of GHOST GiRL GOODS for a unique cafe experience made up of interactive food, games, special performances and interactions by the fashion monsters (mascots). It’s an event you won’t want to miss.
Cafe Nocturne

Cafe Nocturne

Come party and sing the night away or just enjoy relaxing snacks and fun antics with the guys, gals, and pals of Café Nocturne!

Group Photoshoots

These photoshoots are where a group of cosplayers from the same anime/game/etc. join together for the purpose of taking photographs both by other convention goers and for themselves. These gatherings of cosplayers are open for everyone to enjoy in a polite sharing manner.

Gunpla/Model Area

Gunpla/Model Area is BACK!!! Anime North, in collaboration with Gunpla Montreal, Gunpla Ottawa and SIDE6, is proud to present the Gundam Model Area! These local community have gathered to help with the event and present to you one of the best Gundam filled experience in North America!

ToroLUG (Lego Area)

ToroLUG shares a love of building by meeting up, showcasing public displays, and meeting others who like to build just like we do. See us in Hall AB of the TCC.

Board Game Swap

Anime North is holding our first ever Board Game Swap Meet on Saturday, from 10:00 am to 12:00, in the Lotus Room at the Delta Htoel. Now you can bring in your games and trade them, game for game, and leave with different games! Yes, it's that easy.