There will be a volunteer orientation meeting on Sunday, April 28 form NOON to 4PM at the Delta Hotel Airport in the Halton room!

Staff & Volunteers

Would you like to be involved in Anime North?

Are you interested in joining the staff of the convention?

The best way to get involved is to volunteer to help out at the convention itself. Put in volunteer hours in the department you are interested in joining (Masquerade, Registration, etc.), learn some of the ropes, and convince us you're really willing to put in the works it takes to pull off an Anime North.

Volunteer Information

Anime North needs plenty of volunteers over the convention weekend to help run the con. Why should you volunteer? Well, there’s the warm fuzzy feeling you get for helping to make the convention possible, thereby bring much joy and happiness to your fellow attendees. And of course we offer a range of volunteer rewards depending on how many hours you work. This can be seen in the table below.

If you send your name and a valid email to [email protected], you’ll be added to a mailing list, and kept informed on matters such as the Volunteers Orientation Meeting, to be held about a month before the con.

Note that if you are NOT at least 18 years old, your parents or guardians MUST sign the Waver form, and you must bring this form to the convention. Please DO NOT mail it to the convention. 

Weekend Hours
Sunday Hours
Anime North T-Shirt OR Bag
Anime North T-Shirt OR Bag OR Refunded Membership
Anime North T-Shirt, Bag AND Refunded Membership


Does Anime North offer Crash Space for Volunteers?

A: Unfortunately, due to the high amount of volunteers Anime North has every year and limited hotel room space, the Volunteers Department will no longer be offering Crash Space to volunteers.

The one exception to this will be volunteers who work at our late night dances at the TCC, and only if they stay until the end of the dances.