Admissions for Anime North 2024 will go on sale January 01, 2024. Updated information for 2023 will be posted below in late fall 2023. We hope to see you there

2023 Ticket Information

Admissions for Anime North 2023 will go on sale January 15, 2023 at 2PM. Updates will be posted below.

  • COVID-19 Policy - in 2023, Anime North will be following Ontario provincial government guidelines. We will not be checking vaccine status of attendees, but are strongly recommending wearing a mask at the con.
  • Badge Mailout - Badge Mailouts for Anime North 2023 are now closed.
  • Early Bird Admission - Early Bird Weekend Admissions are now sold out. They will not be offered again for Anime North 2023.
  • Saturday-only Admission - Saturday-only Admissions are now sold out. They will not be offered again for Anime North 2023.
  • Weekend Admission - Weekend Admissions are now sold out. They will not be offered again for Anime North 2023.

Registration Prices

Pre-Registration Prices (Apply Until May 24th)

Full Weekend$70
SOLD OUT Full Weekend Admission (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
Friday Only$45
Single Day Admission (Friday)
Saturday Only$55
SOLD OUT Single Day Admission (Saturday)
Sunday Only$45
SOLD OUT Single Day Admission (Sunday)
Admission prices after May 24th and At the Door
Please note that Cash Only is accepted At the Door
Full Weekend$75
SOLD OUT Full Weekend Admission (Friday,  Saturday, Sunday)
Friday Only$50
Single Day Admission (Friday)
Saturday Only$60
SOLD OUT Single Day Admission (Saturday)
Sunday Only$50
SOLD OUT Single Day Admission (Sunday)
Anime North may be implementing an attendance cap in 2023 to prevent overcrowding. Updated information regarding a cap will be posted in early 2023.

Children 6 to 13 years of age are admitted for half of the corresponding Adult admission price. Children aged 5 and under are admitted free. Children must be accompanied by an adult 18 years old or over at all times at the con.

 Please note that there will a processing fee of approximately 6.5% charged by Eventbrite for each admission or item purchased (i.e. for a $70 Weekend admission, add a $4.49 processing fee. All processing fees are listed on the Eventbrite order webpage.) Attendees who do not wish to pay this fee can purchase their admissions through the regular mail

Badge Mailout

Deadline for requesting a Badge Mailout for Anime North 2023 was April 21. Badge Mailouts are now closed.

Anime North Registration is bringing back the Badge Mailout for 2023, allowing attendees to choose to have their convention badges (with lanyards) to be mailed out to them before the con, allowing them to skip the lineups, and enter the con directly.

To take advantage of the Mailout, just select the appropriate Badge Mailout fee ($15 for 1-10 badges and $25 for 11+ badges) when you purchase your Anime North 2023 admissions, and provide the requested mailing information.

Deadline for requesting the Badge Mailout is April 21, 2023. This is also the deadline for requesting a refund of an order using the Badge Mailout.

  1. Badges and lanyards will be shipped by Canada Post regular mail. It is the purchaser's responsibility to provide a full, valid, mailing address, including postal code. They should also provide a valid telephone number so they can be contacted if their is any problem with their information.
  2. Only the badges in the order that includes the Badge Mailout Fee will be mailed out. If you purchase additional Anime North badges later, they will NOT be automatically added to your existing Mailout.
  3. Badges and lanyards will be mailed out approx. 3 weeks before the convention. Purchasers will be notified by email when they are shipped. Once mailed, they can not longer be picked up at the Registration Desk.
  4. Deadline for asking for refunds of badges to be mailed out is April 21, 2023. After that date, they are non-refundable.
  5. If the badges are returned to Anime North due to an incorrect address, the purchaser will be allowed to pick them up at the Registration Desk. Anime North will not refund the mailing fee.
  6. Badges can only be mailed to Canadian addresses at this time. All requests from outside Canada will have their mailing fees refunded by Anime North.
  7. Any TTC (Subway/Bus) passes purchased in the order will also be mailed out with the badges. Pre-ordered T-Shirts or Lapel Pins will still be picked up at the Merchandise Desk at the con.

How to Buy Admission

Ways to Buy


Admissions for Anime North 2023 will go on sale online on the Anime North Eventbrite website starting Jan 15, 2023.  Payment will be by credit card (there will be a processing fee involved).  Individual confirmations for Anime North admissions, special event tickets and merchandise purchases will be emailed out by Eventbrite immediately after your purchase. Bring an electronic or printed copy of this confirmation to the Registration Desk when you first arrive at the con to pickup your admission badge. The form will also be available through the Eventbrite app on a phone or tablet.

Purchasing by Regular Mail

The Deadline for purchasing Anime North 2023 admissions through regular mail is April 28, 2023.

Purchasing Anime North admissions through the Regular Mail is now closed

Admission orders submitted through the regular mail take at least 3 weeks after mailing to process. Attendees will then be emailed confirmations of their Anime North admission purchases.

Payment is made by cheque or money order made out to: "Anime North Japanese Animation Convention". Post-dated cheques are not accepted. All failed cheques will be subject to a $5 processing fee. 

At this time, the deadline for Purchase by Mail has passed. 

At The Door

Weekend and Single-Day Admissions will also be available for purchase at the Registration Desk during all three days of the convention. Please note that cash only is accepted at the Desk. Admissions will not be on sale Thursday night; only people who have pre-purchased their admissions can pick up their convention badges this evening.

Registration Hours and Location

Registration Desk at Convention

The Registration Desk is located in Hall A of the Toronto Congress Center. 

Registration Desk staff will be on hand to sell Anime North admissions, check the confirmation forms of Anime North admissions sold through Pre-Registration, and hand out convention badges to attendees. Registration desk hours are as shown below. Please note that Admissions to Anime North 2023 will NOT be sold on Thursday; only attendees who have pre-ordered their admissions can check in this evening.

Note that you can get your badge before events start on all days of the convention.
Registration Hours
Convention Hours
(PreReg Pickup Only)
5pm - 9PM
1PM - 9PM
5PM - 1AM
9AM - 7PM
10AM - 1AM
9:30AM - 3PM
10AM - 5PM

Convention Badges

All attendees of Anime North are required to wear an Anime North convention badge at the con, as proof that you have purchased an admission and are entitled to attend all the convention's functions. Badges are obtained at the Registration Desk.  If you have pre-registered for the convention, you can present your confirmation form from Eventbrite to pick up your badge at the Pre-Registration section of the Registration Desk. You can also purchase Anime North admissions directly at the Registration Desk and receive your badge. Attendees are required to print their full names on the badges, and show them to security upon request.

Warning: Legitimate Anime North admissions are only available for purchase through Anime North, and we will not take any responsibility for admissions purchased through third parties, such as Kijiji. Anime North employs anti-counterfeiting measures for our badges and fake badges will be confiscated by Security, and their wearers required to leave the convention.

Group Admissions

Anime North Group discounts will only be offered in special cases (established anime clubs, school anime groups, special trips by social/educational organizations, etc.) and must be arranged by contacting Anime North Registration directly at [email protected]. To be eligible, Group leaders should submit a letter on School letterhead from their Faculty advisor or other school official confirming that they are an official school organization. The letter must include the full name and email contact of the Group leader who will handling the Group Admission purchase. We do not guarantee a request for a group discount will be accepted.

Merchandise & Special Event Tickets

Anime North Merchandise

Various Anime North merchandise can be purchased ahead of time through Pre-Registration. Simply note how many items you wish to purchase on the online/registration form and include payment along with admission fees.

Merchandise ordered through Pre-Registration will be available for pickup at the Merchandise Desk at the convention; they will not be available beforehand. Please be sure to bring your Merchandise confirmation form submitted by Eventbrite. Desk Staff will also have a list of names of everyone who has pre-purchased items as backup.

Merchandise items will also be on sale at the Merchandise Desk throughout the convention.

Anime North T-Shirts
Anime North T-Shirts, displaying artwork submitted by Anime North attendees for the  art contest, are available for purchase through Pre-Registration and at the Merchandise Desk at the convention. Prices are $20 CDN / USD per T-Shirt (for Small, Medium, Large, and XL shirts. XXL shirts are charged an extra $3.00). Please include sizes as well as number purchased on the registration form.

Registration FAQ

Below are some common questions about Anime North Registration. If you need more information, please contact [email protected]
What is the Registration Refund Policy?

If you have pre-registered and cannot attend Anime North 2023, please contact Anime North Registration at [email protected] by May 12, 2023 to arrange for a refund. Note: if you have selected the Badge Mailout to have your badges mailed to you, the refund deadline is April 21, 2023.

A $10 processing fee will be charged for all refund requests.

Unused Anime North 2023 admissions will not be refunded after the convention.

Include the full name and email (if available) of the attendee, and a copy of the Anime North confirmation form from Eventbrite.

Refunds can take the following forms:

  1. The admission fee can be returned to you, A $10 refund processing fee will be charged.
    • If you registered by mail, a cheque will be mailed back to the requester. This would take 4-6 weeks. Please include a mailing address and the name the cheque should be made out to with your refund request.
    • If you registered online, the refund will be sent back to your credit card through Eventbrite
  2. The admission can be transferred to another person. Contact [email protected] with the full name of the existing Anime North attendee (and attach his/her Eventbrite confirmation form) and the full name and email of the person it should be transferred to. We will reassign the admission and email out a new confirmation. 
  3. The admission can be rolled over to next year's convention.