Panels are presentations, group discussions, and debates by both experts and amateurs alike

Anime North hosts over 200 panels each year, most of which are run by our fantastic community. Whether it's arguing over your favourite Sailor Senshi, discussing raid tactics for Final Fantasy XIV, or asking "how WOULD roads survive giant robots walking on them?", Panels has something for everyone.

If you'd like to become a panelist, the road is pretty easy:

  1. Be pre-registered! All prospective panelists must have secured a badge to Anime North in order to be approved.
  2. Register at, you'll need this account!
  3. Apply for a Panel via
  4. Join our Discord to meet other panelists and get your questions answered!
  5. Wait for the approval process.

Approvals typically take about a month to begin, as we give applicants a nice window to get their ideas in. All applications are juried, meaning we consider each individual panel for its own merits. No lottery or first-come first-serve.

For your efforts, we offer the following breakdown of rewards:

  • 1-2 Panels: Small merchandise item
  • 2-3 Panels: Large merchandise item
  • 4+ Panels: Badge reimbursement or rollover

What's a rollover you ask? It means your next year at Anime North is free! Once we certify that you've completed all four of your panels, we pass your information along to Registration and they pop your name on the list of people who have already secured a badge for the next year.

All panelists are expected to treat each other, the staff, and audience with respect and patience, as we will do for you. When you are up for approval, you'll be asked to review and agree to our code of behaviour for panelists.

If you have any questions, join our Discord and ask there, or send one to panels [at] animenorth [dot] com. You'll want to address your questions to Emony Tjan or Pat Emerson, our coordinator and assistant coordinator respectively.