Doll North

Programming: This year we’re hosting a Doll Masquerade, an information panel, several game shows, a meet and greet, a swap meet, our own Project Runway, and Vendors in the Artists Hall. Details will be found in the program book / pocket guide once released.

Masquerade: Once more, Doll North is taking inspiration from the biggest night in fashion, the MET Gala. Are you itching to make something red-carpet worthy? This is your chance.

Sales / Exhibitors: Doll vendors can apply this year to a special Doll North Marketplace that is being formed for 2022 as we move forward with integrating the program. Applications should be made via [email protected] with "Doll North Marketplace" as the subject line.
People who wish to sell for one day can apply to the Nominoichi when table registraton opens, identifying themselves as selling doll merchandise.
The traditional Swap Meet will also allow for cash and doll sales this year.

Social Media: We have a Facebook page specifically for conversations about Doll North, where you can participate in quizzes, submit photos, and help us brainstorm ideas.