Pro Plaza/Professional Artists

The information on this page is from Anime North 2023 and left online as a guideline only.
An update for the 2024 convention will be posted early in the new year.

Proplaza is for Professional Illustrative Artists, Crafters, and/or Artisans who feature and represent only their own intellectual property and copyrights.  Media types are open but FanArt or Fan Crafts or any works infringing on another's copyrighted and/or Intellectual Property (including elements within your original works) cannot be sold in this section.  

For additional information please check our message board at

Please read the following carefully, as several major changes have been made to the Pro Plaza policy effective immediately.

Pro Plaza Artists must be of professional level, meaning that:

  1. The Artist must represent his/her body of work as a professional in a given artistic field;
  2. The Artist’s merchandise must be original content and must not include any fan works, including any and all work featuring both original and non-original characters;
  3. The Artist must be at least 18 years of age by January 1st, 2023, as per Ontario regulations.

Please note that tables cannot be filled by individuals whose names are not registered to the Pro Plaza, including non-registered helpers.

As of Anime North 2022 having unauthorized/unregistered people behind your table, allowing unauthorized/unregistered people into the building before the building is open to the general public, and/or allowing unauthorized/unregistered people to enter the building through artist entrances will result in the immediate termination of your contract and forfeiture of your table.

Registration Requirements

If you receive an invitation to the Pro Plaza 2023, you will at that point receive a registration package and information on how to submit payment from the Pro Plaza team.


Applications for the Pro Plaza will open at 10:00 am EST Friday February 10, 2023 and close at 10:00 pm EST Saturday February 11, 2023. Please be sure not to submit multiple applications; please reach out if you have not heard about your application from the Pro Plaza Team by 10:00 pm EST Friday February 17, 2023.

As of Anime North 2023 we have expanded our categories (listed below); please inquire with us at [email protected] if you have clarifying questions on what category you may fall into.  You MUST include a categorization of your media in your application to the Pro Plaza.

Applications must:
  • Be sent to [email protected] within the time frame stated
  • Include your full legal name and contact information; you may include your artist name if you wish for programming purposes
  • Include a full and detailed merchandise list; please note you will only be able to sell merchandise on your approved list
  • Two (2) signed samples of your work; this can include photos of your crafts, a scanned page from your original manga, or art signed with a stylus
    • Images must contain your written signature; typed signatures and watermarks will not be considered
  • Your helper(s) full legal name and contact information
  • If you have any, seating requests to be considered by Pro Plaza Staff; this includes considerations for medical purposes and table mate requests ONLY. At this time Pro Plaza does not take seating requests that fall outside of these categories
  • A categorization of your media; if you feel that these categories do not represent your media choices or if you are unsure what the category should be for your merchandise, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We have listed some suggestions for what the categories might include below, but please choose the one that you think is right for you.

As of Anime North 2023 you may choose:
  • Paper Media (Drawing, Paper crafts)
  • Costume/Clothing (Wearable art, Clothes printing, Cosplay)
  • Jewelry (Chainmail, Fine Jewelry production)
  • Plush (Plush Animals, Pillows)
  • Accessories (Products are mostly charms or Keychains)
  • Publishing (Novel or Manga)
  • Artisanal (Pottery, Sculpture, Wire work)

Between 70-80% of your products should match your categorization; if you mark yourself as Costuming but most of your merchandise list is paper products, you will be moved to the Paper Media Category

Please Note as of Anime North 2023 we will be adopting a no tolerance policy on incomplete applications: if you are missing anything required for submission of your application it will not be considered. Please email us immediately at [email protected] if you have concerns

Please note that no applications submitted before 10:00 am EST Friday February 10, 2023 or after 10:00 pm EST Saturday February 11, 2023 will be considered. Multiple applications will not be considered.

If you identify yourself as a Trans* (transgender, intersex, genderqueer, or otherwise) artist with legal name concerns (ie your name on your ID does not match your current name), please make us aware at the same time that you send in your application so that the necessary action can be taken. If you are such an artist, please know that this policy has been included to make your attendance of Anime North as comfortable for you as possible, and none of your information will be shared, published, or misused.

Table Information


An Artist applying to the Pro Plaza may not hold a waitlist spot, or table spot in The Comic Market OR The Crafters Corner OR The Dealer’s Room. Additionally, an artist who accepts a table or waitlist spot within the Pro Plaza will not be able to move into another section at a later date, including to become a Secondary Artist or Helper.

Pro Plaza tables will support a maximum of one (1) artist and up to two (2) helpers per table. Pro Plaza tables do not support Secondary Artists.

As of Anime North 2022 Pro Plaza spaces will have the option of not containing a table and will be a pipe-and-drape setup with a 10’ x 6’ square footage space and a complimentary 2’ x 8’ table. 

Pro Plaza Spaces include a maximum of three (3) chairs and three (3) Exhibitor badges. Should you decline to have a table in your space, there will be a deadline to do so included in your invitation email.

Please note: badges must be worn and visible at all times even if the individual is cosplaying.  Failure to display your badge properly can result in your removal from the section.

  • Table with a convention badge costs: $345 CAD +13% HST

Sign-in: Friday, May 26, 2023 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Please advise the Pro Plaza Coordinator if you are unable to arrive during this time. No-shows by 11:00 AM EST on Saturday will have their tables reassigned.

Tables may ONLY be set up by the primary artist and his/her/their helper(s). You may not bring in non-artists (i.e. anyone without an artist badge and ribbon) to help you set up. If additional help is needed, volunteers designated by the Pro Plaza Staff will be available during setup.

Open access to convention attendees (times are subject to change):

  • Friday, May 26, 2023: 5:00 PM — 10:00 PM EST
  • Saturday, May 27, 2023: 10:00 AM — 8:00 PM EST
  • Sunday, May 28, 2023: 10:00 AM — 5:00 PM EST

Sign-in information will be supplied to the artist participants in their application package. Please review it carefully once you receive it.

On Sunday you will have a MAXIMUM of one hour after closing to tear down your displays and vacate the premises. If you are present after this time frame, you risk the ability to apply to any position in the Exhibitors area in the future.

Please note that Exhibitors sections of Anime North no longer accept Ontario Health Cards as identification; if you provide an Ontario Health Card as your Photo ID you will be unable to sign in.

Artist Helper

Individuals in the Pro Plaza may register a maximum of two (2) helpers to their table for an additional badge/registration fee. Helpers may not represent or sell their own body of work or merchandise and are there for the purpose of assisting with the sales of the one (1) artist registered and permitted to sell at the table.

  • Helper badge costs: $70 CAD
  • Additional Helper badge (maximum of one): $70 CAD

Please note that your helper(s) must also submit a registration package; details for this will be included should you receive an invitation to the Pro Plaza.

You will not be able to register a helper after the cut off date, so please keep this in mind when planning your application.The cut off date for Helper registration will be sent to you after your acceptance to the section.

Tablecloth Rental

You can rent a table cloth from the Pro Plaza for $10; when the tablecloth is returned at signout you will receive $5 back. If your tablecloth and/or any plastic coverings on your table are found to be damaged (i.e. physical damages like tears or cuts from box cutters or scissors, or cosmetic damages like traces of permanent marker), you will be required to pay a $50 CAD replacement fee.

Please note there will be a limited number of tablecloths available, so if you neglect to rent one before the cut off date, there may not be one available for you. The cut off date for tablecloth rental will be sent to you after your acceptance to the section.

Terms and Conditions

Each artist who wishes to apply to the Pro Plaza must:
  1. Represent their own body of work and not act as a proxy or representative for another artist. Presenting or using someone else's work is an act of fraud and will result in the immediate forfeiture of your table and the denial of future applications to the artist areas.
    • Not represent characters, logos, names, or otherwise that are not their own original creations and/or represent someone else’s copyright and/or intellectual property
  2. Possess signed release forms from any and all contributing artists (please note: if your work is not representative of 60% of the finished product you may not sell it in the Pro Plaza. All items for sale are ultimately at the discretion of the Pro Plaza Coordinator)
    • If you are selling an item whose contributing artist is also registered to the Pro Plaza please note that the item may only be available for sale in one (1) Pro Plaza space
    • If you have work including contributions from other artists please request a collab form and bring the signed copy with you to sign in
  3. Be 18 years of age by January 1, 2023 and in possession of a Government-Issued Photo ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport, etc.) on May 26, 2023 proving as such for the sign-in process. Please be aware that using false identification or lending your ID to someone else during sign-in is an act of fraud (please see Term 1 on this list)
    • Please note that as of Anime North 2018 Health Cards will no longer be accepted as a valid form of ID for check-in If you have concerns about your ID please contact the Pro Plaza Coordinator immediately
  4. Not sell prohibited merchandise in the Pro Plaza; Please note that this includes off site presale of any and all merchandise prohibited in the Pro Plaza

Pro Plaza Policies & Rules



  1. Artists may sell and create their art and merchandise in the Pro Plaza, and all media types are permitted.
  2. Please see below for definition and guidelines for selling of artwork with “adult content”.

Merchandise Prohibited from Sale


  • Fan works are prohibited in the Pro Plaza. You will be asked to remove any and all items which fall into this category
    • Replicas of existing artwork and merchandise such as official artwork from other licensed creations or artwork depicting trademarks or copyrighted logos are not allowed and considered copyright infringement. These actions are prosecutable by law
    • “Original works” containing characters that are not yours, or containing elements of intellectual property, or trademarks that are not yours will also be considered fan works and will not be allowed for sale
    • Parody works are also considered fanworks and will not be allowed
  • Text heavy images on buttons, bookmarks, or stickers are allowed only if they are intended for the promotion of the artist’s own original works
    • Solicitation buttons such as “Will Yuri for Yaoi” and “Free Hugs” are not permitted for sale in the Pro Plaza
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) or machine generated artworks (art created with AI or similar machine learning) are not permitted for sale in the Pro Plaza
  • Photography prints and photo-manipulations are not allowed for display and/or sale. Photographers may look into Anime North’s Photography Alley - [email protected];
  • The resale of food, used goods, or retail items (such as pocky, art books, or doujinshi made by non-registered artists) is not allowed. If you wish to sell the aforementioned, you must purchase a Dealer’s Table. Please note that you may be fined by the TCC if you are caught selling food outside of the Dealers Room;
  • The sale of sexual paraphernalia of ANY sort is prohibited in the Pro Plaza.
  • The sale of contact lenses is prohibited in the Pro Plaza, as well as any area of the Exhibitors.
  • Proxy selling of artwork or merchandise made by other artists is prohibited in the Pro Plaza and all other Exhibitors sections; If you wish to sell your work through a representative, please refer to Anime North’s Gallery Momiji for more information.
    • If you are selling a collaborative work including intellectual property from another artist you must be in possession of a signed collaboration form which can be obtained by emailing us at [email protected]
  • As of Anime North 2019 Perler beads are being removed from Artist Area tables and so will not be permitted for sale in the Pro Plaza

In case of doubt, please contact the Pro Plaza Coordinator for approval of your product(s).

Collaborative Works

Collaborative works will be allowed or denied on a case-by-case basis, but your work should represent at least 60% of the final product. Please email the Pro Plaza Coordinator with the details concerning your collaboration before March 31, 2023. 

If you do not make prior arrangements, you will not be allowed to sell your collaborative works. No exceptions.

Please note that if you have a collaborative work with another artist present in the Pro Plaza, only one of you may have it for sale on your table at a time.


Artists may set up their reserved space as they see fit as long as it is safe, stable, does not interfere with other artists’ spaces, and/or violate any Anime North nor Toronto Congress Centre regulations.

Displays must:

  • Be limited to the reserved space/area provided by the convention
  • Not overhang into other Artists' tables, doorways, corridors, safety exits or any other area outside the reserved space
  • Not include any “gambling” elements for marketing; this includes but is not limited to game wheels, slot machines, or similar random chance programs run on personal computers
  • Not include any type of balloons; Balloons are not permitted inside the venue and may not be used for displays. You will be asked to remove these from the premises immediately, and pay for any fines issued by the venue.
  • Not involve drilling holes, driving nails, hooks, screws or tacks, or making any alterations to any part of the Centre or its equipment
  • Not depend on signage in common areas; signage includes but is not limited to: directional signage, promotional signage, backdrops for the space being used, etc. Should you wish to pay for advertising opportunities, speak to the Director of Anime North.

In general wall/glass surfaces are not to have anything attached to them by tacks, pins, tape (or by any other means).

If your display falls or harms another participant or attendee, you will be asked to take the display down immediately.

Display of Adult Material

Exhibitors may NOT display material depicting nudity or sexual conduct unless it is covered or displayed in such a way that minors cannot view explicit material. Adult material must not be accessible to minors in any way. No adult material may be sold, given, or distributed to a minor. The acceptability of displays of adult material is at the sole discretion of the Pro Plaza Coordinator. Display content (such as images and signage) must not be derogatory in nature (i.e. racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive to the general public).

This rule applies to all artwork on display at your table. Thus, you may NOT display any commission work that violates the above restrictions.

Approval of Adult Material

If you are selling any work in this category, you are required to bring a display copy of your work, as well as a copy to be added to your file to the Exhibitor Staff table where your work will be stamped with an 18+ or PG13 rating.

  • If your work received an 18+ rating, it cannot be openly displayed on the table or be within the reach of minors. Such works can only be viewed by individuals over the age of 18 upon presentation of a valid photo ID. Please note that showing and/or selling items which contain adult content to minors is punishable by law.
  • If your work received a PG13 rating, you may openly display it on your table.

The stamp allows security and convention attendees to know that your work has been approved for display by the Pro Plaza Coordinator. Please make use of this procedure to avoid problems during the convention as failing to do so may result in the loss of your table.


All participants are expected to respect and abide by both the Anime North Convention Policies and the Pro Plaza Policy and Contract Agreement for 2023. Anime North convention policies can be accessed through the Information tab on Failure to abide by these policies will result in immediate loss of any Pro Plaza privileges, loss of membership, and expulsion from the convention. If you have any concerns during the convention, please bring them to the attention of the Pro Plaza Coordinator and/or Exhibitor Staff.
Please note that Anime North reserves the right to revoke or deny the application of individuals with records of serious offenses in any of our artist areas from previous years.

Behavior not acceptable in the Pro Plaza includes but is not limited to:
  • Selling or subletting the use of the rented table to another individual;
  • Selling your artist admission to another individual;
  • Lending your artist or helper admission badge to another individual not registered to your table;
  • Taking chairs from other artists or areas;
  • Allowing someone not registered to the Pro Plaza to sell at your table;
  • Breach of any of the con policies including but not limited to those governing fire exit, maximum capacities, harassment, PDA, and damages to convention reputation, other attendees, or facilities;
  • Applying for or signing in for a Pro Plaza space under a name not your own;
  • Posing as a registered artist by use of their identification with or without permission. This is a case of fraud and/or theft, and is punishable by law;
  • Offensive emails to Anime North Staff members, mass trolling (continuous posts of offensive messages) directed to Anime North Staff members in electronic forums.

Please respect your peers, your audience, your space, and our staff and volunteers. Help us make sure that you have a smooth Anime North experience.
Reservations for Pro Plaza tables are allocated at the sole discretion of the Anime North Pro Plaza Team. Anime North is in no way obligated to provide tables to any person, persons, or group, and reserves the right to decline applications from any person, persons, or group which have violated the Code of Conduct specified above.
All complaints, conflicts, or discrepancies concerning the Pro Plaza Staff and/or another Artist should be directed to and only to the Pro Plaza Coordinator.

Liability and Responsibility

Exhibitors are responsible for reading the information stated here in full, and for making sure they understand it before they apply. Anime North, Exhibitors and Pro Plaza staff and volunteers are in no way responsible for your failure to read these stated policies.

Exhibitors are responsible for their own property, merchandise, and money. Under no circumstances will either Anime North or its agents be liable for loss or damages including but not limited to merchandise, equipment, sales, or revenue. The Toronto Congress Centre will be locked at the end of every night; however it is the responsibility of the artists/exhibitors to look after and ensure safe storage of their personal property.

Neither Anime North, nor its agents, nor its partners are in any way responsible for injury caused by chairs, ladders, tables, stairs, or personal negligence. Exhibitors understand that they are responsible for their own safety and agree to release Anime North from any and all liability concerning lost goods and monies, or injuries by agreeing to participate as an artist or helper in the Pro Plaza.

Please be aware,  thefts at North American Cons has seen an increase in the last few years. Keep your valuables close to you at all times and if you see something concerning alert Staff immediately. Do not approach individuals on your own, alert staff and/or Public Safety

Refund Policy

As of Anime North 2018 the Pro Plaza will no longer be offering refunds on canceled tables, artist, or helper badges. If you have any questions regarding this section please contact the Pro Plaza Coordinator at [email protected]

If you have a COVID-19 concern please contact us at the above email; additional information will be included in your invitation email.