Photo Alley

The information on this page is from Anime North 2022 and left online as a guideline only.
An update for the 2024 convention will be posted early in the new year.

Welcome to Anime North 2022. Please note that due to very limited space on Photo Alley, booths will be available only on a first come first served basis.

Photo Alley will be accepting applications from March 15, 2022 - June 15, 2022 or until all booth spaces are sold out whichever happens first. After June 15th, there will be no guarantee that booth spaces will still be available. It is advised to submit paperwork and payments within the (10) ten business days leeway after your booth contracts are sent. After ten business days, your space will be given to the next in line in the waiting list.

The following notice is only applicable to photographers planning to charge money for photoshoots within Anime North’s premises. Due to liability issues that still cannot be resolved, Anime North will only allow photo shoot sales via the Photo Alley within the convention premises during the convention at this time. Photographers not registered through Photo Alley will not be allowed to charge photo shoots for money within the convention premises as stated in this policy:

“Selling by individuals in any area controlled by the convention or its venues, including the parking areas, is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the convention."

Any photographers caught selling/charging photoshoot services not contracted under the Photo Alley within the Anime North premises may face expulsion from the convention and possible denial of participation in any future Anime North events.

Photo Alley FAQ

What is Photo Alley?

The Photo Alley is dedicated space for photographers to build their portfolios and share their photo taking skills with cosplayers. Both commercial and non-commercial photographers are welcome.

Commercial photographers are defined as persons either charging to take photos or to provide digital or print copies of the images taken at the convention for profit.

Non-commercial photographers are defined as individuals either donating their profits to charity or not charging for their services.

Please send an application request to [email protected].