Board Game Swap Meet

Do like to play board games? Do you have games? Do you want some new games? Have you ever bought a game because all the online reviews
looked great, or it's on someone's top game of the year list, or it's on the BGG top 100 (or 500), but when you played it you thought "meh, it's not what I was expecting" and you haven't played it since? Then your luck has just changed!

Anime North is holding our first ever Board Game Swap Meet on Saturday, from 10:00 am to 12:00, in the Lotus Room of the Delta Hotel. Now you can bring in your games and trade them, game for game, and leave with different games! Yes, it's that easy.

  • Trade Games for Games, no $$
  • All games should be complete, but are offered "AS-IS"
  • Big games, small games, old and new.
  • You can trade any number of games for any number, it's not just 1 for 1.
  • All game swaps are optional, and you can refuse any trade if you are not satisfied with the games offered.

Finally, although we love CCGs, TCGs, RPGs, and tabletop games too, this event is focused on board games only.