Anime North Game Shows

Ouran Host Club Gameshow

Starting today, you are a host! Through various challenges, can we find our next honorary host club member?

BJD Trivia Snakes and Ladders

Three audience members will be picked per session. With 3-5 sessions in a block and a winners' showdown!

Dolly PassWord

Test your acting, dancing, hobby knowledge and fine motor skills as you sit across from another hobbyist with a doll hobby related word. As you're timed, it's your job to be able to get your partner to guess the word through miming only. Best time between partners wins!

Kingdom Hearts Trivia Show

A Quiz Show for Kingdom Hearts.

Creepy Game Show That's Creepy

Creepy Show is Creepy the Creeeep creep creepy game Game creepy CREEPY creep CREEPY GAME THIS IS THE CREEPY GAME CREEPY GAME NO TOUCHING NO TOUCHING NO TOUCHING!

Anisong Quiz Game

Guess the anime song, win prizes! Compete against others to guess anime openings, endings, and even inserts. Best of luck!

Celebrating the DiC Music of Sailor Moon

Join Bear Sailor Moon as we celebrate the music from the DiC dub of Sailor Moon. This trip down memory lane is one that you won't want to miss! (With an interview from Michael Benghait)

Anime Jeopardy

A classic game show -- with a twist. The answers are given first, and the players give the questions. 3 contestants play in 3 rounds.

Press Your Luck

The game of Big Bucks is back, bigger and better than ever! Join us for an exciting game full of luck and strategy, but avoid those pesky Whammies!

Undertale: Mettaton's Gameshow!

WELCOME BEAUTIES, to today's gameshow! Join our cast of characters in a number of exciting challenges that are sure to making the ratings soar!

Doll Community Feud

We asked, and the community answered! Now it's up to you and your team to guess the popular answers to our general questions about the Doll Hobby.

Cult Classic: Strangers With Candy Lite Part 1!

It's Anime North's most over-the-top, prize riddled event - if custom-tailored for a Covid-aware environment. Candy bags, pop culture, and stunts!

Gundam Trivia Game Show

Do you know your fact from fiction when it comes to the Gundam franchise? Plucked from the audience, four teams of two will compete to see who knows more about Gundam!