Online preregistration for Anime North 2024 will be opening on Saturday, January 13 at 10 AM EST. We will again be offering 2500 weekend admissions at an early-bird price of $60. For more information on registration for admission, check out our Registration Page.

Reservations for rooms at our partner hotels for the Anime North 2024 convention weekend will be opening on Monday, January 15. Details for the hotels will be available online soon.

If you are wondering what is happening at this year’s Anime North Halloween Event, we now have the full schedule online on the event page.



Don’t forget that it’s this Friday, October 27 at the JCCC, doors open at 6PM



Hello everyone, we regret to inform you that there was an issue with the application form for the AN Halloween 2023 Nominoichi and everyone will need to apply again. In light of this occurrence, tables will now be decided by lottery instead of first come first serve.

The application will be open for a two hour window from 9 - 11PM EST tomorrow, Friday October 20th. You will be contacted within 24 hours to confirm your table status.

Thank you for your understanding and continued interest in the AN Halloween 2023 Nominoichi!

The Form can be found here!

Edit: all of the tables for the Halloween Nominoichi are now reserved. Thank you for everyone's interest and hope to see you there.

Applications are now open for tables at the Anime North Halloween Event Nominoichi. Each spot is $20 and includes a 6ft table and seats for 2 sellers. Please remember that the Halloween Nominoichi follows the general Nomi guidelines. To apply, please go to <removed>.

This year’s AN Halloween Event is taking place at the JCCC on Friday, October 27 with door opening at 6 PM.