Guest Name

Daniel Kwan

Game Designer

Daniel is a Canadian podcaster, game designer, and cultural consultant. He is the recipient of 4 Gold and 4 Silver ENnie Awards for his work in the tabletop gaming industry. You might know him as the co-host and showrunner of the Asians Represent! podcast. As a freelance narrative designer, some of his notable works include Candlekeep Mysteries, the Ultimate Micro-RPG Guide, Avatar Legends, Dark Archive, and Candela Obscura. As a cultural consultant, he has worked for companies like Dimension 20, Critical Role Productions, and Asmodee. As an independent game designer, Daniel has released products like Wicked Congregation, Ross Rifles, and the Chronicles of Spring & Autumn series. He is currently working on Wandering Blades, a wuxia game of violent melodrama in the style of old school TTRPGs.