Music Video Competition

We are now accepting entries for the Anime Music Video contest for the 2024 Anime North Convention. We have four divisions in which videos may be entered.

All finalist videos will be showcased on the North Ballroom at the TCC North Building on Saturday in front of an audience of over 500. All eligible entries will also be showcased on Sunday in International C at the Delta Hotel.

Good Luck to all of our amazing Creators



This division is open to any and all AMV creators who want to pit their entry against some of the best in the business. The winner of this category will receive the Northern Lights Award.


This division is for entrants who do not feel comfortable entering the Open category. These neophytes have never won an award or prize for their work. In the spirit of fairness, you should consider entering the Open category if you have made more than 10 videos. The winner of this category will receive the Best New Creator Award.

Momiji’s Challenge

This year's challenge focuses on artistic vision. The goal is to have an anime of one genre portrayed as that of another. For instance, a romance genre is successfully edited to appear as though it was originally a comedy. More details on specifics below.

The judging criteria will be similar to the open category. As always the AMV must subscribe to the submission, eligibility, and technical requirements in order to qualify.

The Winner of this Division wins the Momiji’s Challenge Award.


This division is not judged and is open to anyone who wishes to submit a video for the general viewing pleasure of the convention attendees. The AMVs in this division are exempt from certain eligibility restrictions: including premiere date, origin of footage, and length of AMV. However, Exhibition videos are still subject to all other requirements and may be disqualified if they fail to conform to these standards.

For more details on the rules please see below.

Momiji’s Challenge

Momiji loves a good mash up! This year he's curious if the creators are capable of altering an anime's genre via AMV. Crazy isn't it? But crazy just might work. Go wild!

This challenge will take great artistic vision in order to edit an AMV that showcases the source anime as a different genre. The more convincing the production, the more points it will get! For any clarifications, please contact [email protected]. If have questions about a song that may or may not be considered a musical please ask.

As always, the AMV must subscribe to the qualification and eligibility requirements in order to be accepted.


Eligibility Criteria

The Anime North Anime Music Video Contest is open to all interested contestants, except for AN AMV staff. You do not have to be attending the convention to enter an AMV. Please consult the following eligibility guideline checklist before submission. Your video may be ineligible to compete or may be disqualified if it fails to conform.</s

Did you...What we need
Check what format the video is in? The codec of the file must be MPEG-2 or MPEG-4, but the container of the file must be MPEG-2, MPEG-4, or AVI.
Include your full name, address, and all applicable fields in the submission form? All Fields MUST be filled for the submission to be accepted
Submit only 1 video per category? Contestants may only submit 1 video per category. Challenge, Exhibition, and Open/Novice.
Check when you premiered the video? The first time the video was available for public viewing must be after October 1, 2023 to be
accepted for the 2024 AMV contest. Remakes of AMVs are not acceptable.
Ensure no corporate logos or personal watermarks are included in the AMV? We can’t have watermarks or any logos which might connote corporate licensing in the AMV
Submit release forms for any cosplayers used in fan recorded video? Any live action that is from a personal video must have release forms signed to appear on screen by the person shown.
Ensure the length of the AMV is appropriate? AMVs must be longer than 1 minute, and shorter than 5.5 minutes
Ensure your video meets the minimum resolution? In order for a video to be shown on a big screen the minimum resolution is 640x480. We have no maximum resolution.
Use only ONE audio stream? We only accept videos with a single audio stream (if you are using more than one they must be combined into a single audio track)
No bumpers or credits Bumper or Title cards are not accepted. Anime North provides their own title cards with the video’s information.
Ensure your amv is the proper size? The maximum size of an amv is 800 Mb.
Ensure your submission contains video editing? AMVs with no actual video editing will be rejected no matter how well it syncs up as-is to music and regardless of effects added.

Qualification Requirements

Anime North is predominantly a family friendly convention, and the AMV contest itself is not a carded event, as such there are certain things that are not allowed. If you are in doubt, please contact the coordinator for clarification.
What is ProhibitedWhat can be Shown
Non-Japanese animation (such as Rwby and MLP: Friendship is Magic, etc) and Live-Action. A maximum of 1/3 of the visuals may be taken from these sources. Visual Material for the AMV must be taken primarily from Japanese Sources (Japanese comics, games, shows, movies etc). At least 2/3 of video sources must be of Japanese origin, but the remaining 1/3 of the visuals can be chosen from any source.
Having more than ½ the AMV contain credits. If material from credits are used, no more than ½ of the AMV can show text from the credits, and none of the official logos can appear.
Extreme gore, entrails, extreme violence to animals, mutilation etc. Over the top cartoon violence, blood spatter, and general violent actions

Profanity, racial and sexual slurs

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council Code for Radio Broadcasts must be followed for lyrics. Properly censored versions of songs can be used
Hentai, sexual violence, exploitation of minors, graphic sex Ecchi and eroticism are allowed
Multi Editor Projects* may only be entered in Exhibition, and must have permission from all editors Collaborations** are allowed, provided all editors are on the entry form (note only one trophy will be issued, but all names will be engraved)
Multi Editor Projects*: Each editor has their own section of the AMV (usually with splits/bumpers to show where one person’s work finishes and another’s begins). They are more of a collection of AMVs than a single AMV.

Collaboration**: Looks like a single AMV (editors worked together rather than each having own section of work stitched together).

Please contact the contest coordinator in advance of the deadline if you are concerned or have specific questions about what is allowed. Anime North reserves the right to disqualify any AMV.

Submission Requirements for Online Entries

  • Submission Form can be found HERE
  • We accept online submissions. To submit your entry online please follow the following steps.
  • Send an email to [email protected] with an attached submission form, and a link to download the AMV from the list of acceptable methods.
  • We only accept the following methods for submitting amvs: Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer,, and personal private servers.
  • If you are having difficulty with one of the above methods please contact us, and we will find a solution.
  • The Email with the link must be submitted before March 31 1:59PM 2024. If you submit in advance of the deadline and there is a problem with the submission, staff will try to contact you to fix the problem to allow for resubmission.

Submission Requirements for Mailed Entries

  • DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS. DVDs and CD-ROMs cannot be returned and become the property of Anime North.
  • If you are sending a disc from the states we only accept USPS (United States Postal Service)
  • All discs must be clearly labelled with the real full name, e-mail address, and name of AMV.
  • A printed entry form or entry form file must be included with the mailed entry.
  • All mailed entries must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2024.

The mailing address for DVDs/CD-ROMs is:
Anime North Music Video Competition
513 Indian Grove
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
M6P 2J1

Judging Criteria

Editing (How it’s put together): This includes the technical aspects of the AMV, including technical execution of special effects, cutting, fading and pacing of the images to the music. (35% of the objective mark)

Cinematography (How it Looks): This includes the overall quality of the AMV visual and audio components. This also includes how special effects enhance or detract from the video. Choice of images and placement to the soundtrack also play a role. (25% of the objective mark)

Creativity (How Original it is): This includes the creative use of footage and music to make the video into something unique. (20% of the objective mark)

Artistic Vision (Was there a Message, or Theme?): This is an assessment of the boldness and clarity of the editor’s vision or theme. It also includes the mood and atmosphere created by the audio and visual selections and the visceral impact it has on the audience, good or bad. (20% of the objective mark)

Judges’ Choice: This is the most subjective of the criteria - how well the judges like the video. (Not included in the objective mark)

Each Category has its own award for Excellence, and may be awarded to an AMV from either Open or Novice.