Otakubalo returns to Anime North on Friday and Saturday night at the Toronto Congress Centre Outdoor Stage.

Stage Schedule

Friday Night
Saturday Night
6 PM
Cherry Condos
7 PM
Ryuko Pegasasu
8 PM
(Live performance)
Michael Staple
9 PM
DJ Davide Ferrara
10 PM
DJ Flyboy
11 PM
DJ Dynamic
Pan!c Pop
12 AM
Anime Nightclub 3

Featured DJs

Anime Nightclub 3

Anime Nightclub 3

Anime Nightclub 3
ANC3 is not your average DJ group. These Canadian brothers have traveled all over North America, entertaining audiences with their performances that feature a mix of anime, hip-hop, K-pop, EDM, and more! They have amassed a global fanbase of over 820K across TikTok (103M views), Instagram (26M views), and Youtube (720K views) through Content Creating, DJing and Dancing.

TikTok: @animenightclub3
Instagram: @animenightclub3

Otakubaloo Rules

Weekend or Same Day Anime North badge required for admission to TCC Dance Space (Parking Lot near Hall DE entrance).

All who enter or re-enter Dance Space must agree to search by metal detector wand, bag inspection and remove cosplay mask if asked. Those who are or appear to be intoxicated, under the influence or otherwise impaired will be refused entry.

Allowed Inside Dance Space:
  • Small bags and purses
  • Sealed commercial water bottles
  • Needed medical supplies in clear bags (Epipen, asthma inhaler, etc)
NOT Allowed in Dance Space:
  • No Large Bags or Backpacks
  • No food or opened bottles
  • No unidentified substances.
  • NO Glass Bottles
  • No previously approved props or items that may be hazardous in a crowd
  • No Crowdsurfing, Piggybacking or Climbing.
  • Do not go on or behind the Stage.
Incidents involving Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Trespassing or other serious offenses will be dealt with by On Site Police Officers.

Flashing Lights Warning: Those with epilepsy or photosensitivity may have difficulties in these areas.