Guest Name

Hiroki Takahashi


Rock singer Takahashi made his professional debut with the song “Makafushigi-Adventure!”(Opening theme of "DRAGON BALL") - in 1986. The song made him a legendary anime singer.
He also started his career as a singer of rock band · COME ON BABY which was active from 1989 to 1990.
Takahashi is not only talented at making rock music but at a wide range of songwriting, such as character songs.
He is also good at playing guitar and producing.

(Anime "DRAGON BALL" opening theme)
This song has many other versions; "New Remix long version", “New Recording
version”, “21st century version” , etc.
“DRAGON BALL-DENSETSU” (Featured in anime "DRAGON BALL") -1986
“MEZASE-TENKAICHI” (Featured in anime "DRAGON BALL")-1986
“AOKI TABIBITO-TACHI” (Featured in anime "DRAGON BALL")-1986
“CHOUSEI-KANTAI SAZER-X”(Tokusatsu TV program “Chousei Kantai Sazer-X”
opening theme song)
“JUMP-DA! BOKURANO SAZER-X” (Tokusatsu TV program “Chousei Kantai Sazer-
X” ending theme song)
“INAZUMA CHALLANGER” (Duet with Ushio Hashimoto)
“AOI-HOSHINI UMARETE” (Duet with Ushio Hashimoto)
“Power of Dreamer” (Game software for Nintendo Wii)