Arda Wigs Canada

Arda Wigs Canada is the Canadian branch of Chicago-based Arda Wigs, established in 2009. They have been proudly serving Canada since 2015, based in Kitchener, Ontario. Arda Wigs Canada has donated a collection of prize pages featuring Thibra, a brand-new thermoplastic sheet with exciting new features. With no mesh backing and an extremely smooth surface, the need for sanding and priming is almost nonexistent.

  • Novice - quarter sheet thibra (value $27)
  • Artisan - $10 and quarter sheet thibra (value $37)
  • Journeyman - $15 and quarter sheet thibra (value $42)
  • Master - $20 and quarter sheet thibra (value $47)
  • Shows Most Promise for Wigs (Rising Wigmancer) - Styling Bundle worth $50 Wig Stand, wig head, paddle brush, 1 pair large beige wig clips, detangler spray
  • Shows Most Promise for Armor (Rising Macgyver) - Wide Half sheet sheet Thibra (value $51)

Passes to Ad Astra 2017

Ad Astra, an annual Toronto-based convention, has sponsored two memberships for May 5-7, 2017, valued at approximately $50 each, to be awarded to the most promising novice entry. Ad Astra is a literary fan-run convention, promoting local talent within the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Paranormal, for all media of the written word. For more information, check out their website:

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