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Anime North Panel!Stuck

Location: TCC Hall E Stage

Anime North Panel!Stuck is a panel where actors in cosplay will bring the diverse cast of the popular America webcomic, Homestuck, to life. Fans of the webcomic will be given the chance to ask their favourite characters anything they’d like.


Anime Zombie Beauty School

Come attend the Anime Zombie Beauty School! Learn how you can take an ordinary Otaku and make them, or yourself, into the extreme zombie cosplayer!! Have you ever wondered how a zombie is created for TV and movies? Now is your chance to find out! One random audience member will be selected to be the lucky victim... umm... volunteer!

Come see how the professionals do it.

Remember - just because your dead, doesn't mean you can't be beautiful!


Expert Presentation: New Trends in Japanese Pop Culture

On Saturday afternoon, from 2:00PM to 3:00PM in the New York room of the International Plaza Hotel, Anime North is pleased to have expert and authority Mr. Takamasa Sakurai give a very special presentation about new trends of Japanese Pop Culture. Sakurai will talk about new trends in, cosplay, anime, music, fashion etc, from all over the world.

Takamasa Sakurai is a content media producer and an author. He is involved in pop culture diplomatic activities such as speaking in seminars and organizing fashion shows in 128 cities across 25 countries. Mr. Sakurai is the pioneer of using animation and Harajuku fashion to promote the Japanese cultural diplomacy. He is a very popular Japanese event guest of honour across the world. Mr. Sakurai’s publications include Sekai Kawaii Kakumei (World Kawaii Revolution), Anime Bunka Gaikou (Anime Culture Diplomacy), and more.

This will be a very special exclusive presentation, with a few surprises. Seating will be limited so don't be late, you won't want to miss this one!


Geeky Speed Dating

Find Geek Love this Anime North!

Single? Come mingle! Geeky Speed Dating is for all the fanboys and fangirls who have yet to meet their special someone.

Where else than at Anime North will you find such cool like-minded people? The general population? Losers. The world of conventions, cosplay, and carmelldansen? Awesome people. So register today for some fast-paced dating action and see if you can meet Mr/Ms Right!

Space is limited and spots go fast, so arrive early to guarantee YOUR shot at Geek Love! In-person sign-up opens 30 minutes prior to event start, but pre-reg gets you priority, so SIGN UP for today at http://tinyurl.com/ANdating


Hetalia: Ask A Nation

Location: TCC Hall E Stage

Where you can ask your favourite countries the questions you've been dying to know the answers to. What is America’s favourite sport? Just what is it that England tried to cook for dinner last night? Now’s your chance to find out!


Live Action Adaptations and the Akira Project

Akira Project Poster

Ever wonder what goes into bringing your favourite anime/manga, comic books and video games to real life? Join hosts Nova Zatzman and Katherine Wong with their panel of professional guests from the film and television industry to discover and explore the entire process! You'll learn about some of the planning, directing, props and weapons creation, wardrobe development, acting, stunts, VFX and much more!

The second half of the panel will feature additional team members from The Akira Project - A live action fan film trailer, starring Osric Chau (Supernatural) that has been developed by CineGround Media and is based on the Akira manga and anime. This is a panel you will not want to miss as it will be the Official Canadian Premiere of The Akira Project trailer at a convention! Come and meet some of the cast and crew who worked on the production, ask them some questions and be sure to grab a free postcard!

Live Action Adaptations: Saturday, 2:00PM, Halton Room, International Plaza Hotel
The Akira Project: Saturday, 3:00PM, Halton Room, Intentional Plaza Hotel


Read more: Live Action Adaptations and the Akira Project


NN Host Club: Durarara!!

Tired from the con, but don't want to miss out on all the fun? Presenting the strongest Host Club in Ikebukuro... um, we mean, the most protazoic Host Club you'll have the pleasure of witnessing! No need to feel awkward because Shizu-chan has that covered~ All my lovely humans can enjoy free entertainment, including dancing, games, dress-up, and more at the expense of Kida Masaomi, Kishitani Shinra, Ryuugamine Mikado, yours truly The Great Orihara Izaya, and our pet monster "Heiwajima Shizuo....-chan"!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/686521488070879/


The Greatest Glubbing Homestuck Panel Ever MAD-E

Location: TCC Hall E Stage

Gigapause driving you crazy? Well, might as well join us for an hour of games, Q&A with the characters, and more surprises! S-EA you there! 38D

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