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Anime North Game Shows are back and bigger than ever! Come join us for a weekend of laughter and fun, while scoring some nifty cool swag in the process!

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Dates and times are subject to change.

Anime Jeopardy!

It’s the trivia game of answers and questions! An Anime North staple since 2009. Hosted by Michael Storey of The 404s.

  • Tryout: Friday 4:00PM
  • Main Event: Saturday 1:00PM

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Anime Only Connect

The hit British quiz show is back for its second year at Anime North 2017! Connections must be made between seemingly unrelated anime terms. To succeed, your team will need keen anime insight, and perhaps think outside the box!

  • Tryout: Friday 4:00PM
  • Main Event: Saturday 2:00PM

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Anime Speedtune

Fast, refined variant of Name That Tune. Players take turns choosing topics, identifying anime shows from music. With various difficulty levels, both newcomers and seasoned viewers are welcome! This 2.5 hour bonanza features five 6-player open games, plus a grand final for a large prize! Game tickets will be given out on a first-come basis.


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The True/False Game Show - Maru Batz!

Everyone audience member is a contestant! The room is the game board! You have a 50% chance of getting the answers right and the mini-games are live action! You never know what wackiness lies in store!

Friday 7:00PM


The Survival Horror Picture Show

It's the witching hour. Join us in identifying survival horror games throughout the ages! Prizes will be awarded to those with the darkest, deepest memories.

Friday 11:00PM


The Magical Girl Game Show

Ever play Mario Party? Do you love Magical Girls? Welcome to our Game Show that has both!!! Now through a series of mini games, you may be the next magical girl/boy to make it through our Magical Training Academy. Fun for all ages! Prior Magical Knowledge or Experience Is NOT Required.

Saturday 3:00PM


The Sailor Moon: 25th Anniversary Game Show!

It has been 25 years since the legendary Sailor Moon manga premiered! Let's celebrate with trivia, games, and some big guest surprises! Whether a contestant or a spectator, let's all celebrate the greatest mahou shoujo series ever! (Co-sponsored with the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration!)

Saturday 1:00PM Cohen Ballroom TCC


Strangers With Candy

Friday 9:00PM


Anime Name That Tune

The Grand Finale

Anime North's longest running game show comes to a close. Join us in our twentieth, and last, year of this classic event. We shall end as we began, with the same format, same host, and many of the same songs. Test your musical knowledge, and have a little fun. Can you identify a song from just a 10 second clip? Well now it's time to prove it. Many have tried and failed, then wept bitter tears of shame. Now it may be your last chance, because all good things....

Saturday 10:00AM


Mettaton's Gameshow (Undertale)

WELCOME BEAUTIES TO TODAYS GAMESHOW SHOW! Join the Star Of The Underground (along with the not as glamorous Undertale cast) in a fun interactive show!

Friday 7:00PM Cohen Ballroom TCC


Improv Games

Beyond The Mainstream Presents Improv comedy games that we will perform and there will be audience participation as well.

Saturday 4:00PM Cohen Ballroom TCC


Anime North Family Feud

Join Ken Campbell as two teams try to determine the most common answers from a survey of anime-centric questions. As the questions and answers don't have to make complete sense, there's sure to be fun and laughs!

Saturday 5:00PM


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Wacky Melty Happiness Show: Final Episode

Now in our ninth, and last, episode! Come and experience the madness for one last time. Join us to play some strange games and win some very strange prizes. All are welcome, few a chosen, none shall comprehend the madness!? At this event you are invited to play a few mini 'party games' direct from Japan involving balloons, firecrackers, pantyhose, and a lot of laughs.

Saturday 6:00PM


Anime WTF

Do you enjoy memes? Do you dream of coming up with the next internet sensation? Then this is the game for you! Contestants write captions for the images on screen, and the audience votes to determine the funniest one. Put your wit to the test.

Saturday 7:00PM



Saruday 9:00


Notice Me Senpai!

A fun game that involves the audience split into teams and picking players to playing mini games as each works towards getting Senpai to notice their team first! Super easy and a lot of fun!

Sunday 1:00PM


Anime Flash

Test your recognition skills in this fast-paced game of pictures. As an image on screen is slowly uncovered, contestants race to name the anime or game it is from, or the character in it. Are you fast enough to take home the prize?

Sunday 2:00PM

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