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Anime North Game Shows are back and bigger than ever! For the first time ever, some of the larger interactive events have been moved to the Toronto Congress Centre. There will still be many other exciting game shows, including your old favourites, at the Mississauga Studios! Come join us for a weekend of laughter and fun, while scoring some nifty cool swag in the process!

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Dates and times are subject to change. More events may be added as the con nears. Check back here often!

The Survival Horror Picture Show

Macabre gamers, heed this invitation! This game is itchy, tasty - and not just the Jill sandwiches! There was a hole here, it's gone now - and replaced with the greatest, darkest contest for survival horror video game fans! Do you know your scenes and stories? Join us in the Witching Hour to prove it!

Mississauga Room, International Plaza, Friday at 11:59PM


Anime Jeopardy

It’s the trivia game of answers and questions! The main event is on Saturday afternoon, but there are only three available player spots. To be selected as a player, you must first take the on-site tryout Friday at 3:00 PM in the Mississauga Room (International Plaza). Please be aware that this is before the convention officially opens.

Make sure you brush up on your overall anime knowledge, as the tryout will cover a wide variety of shows!

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Anime Speedtune

This is a fast Name That Tune variant. Players take turns choosing categories and must identify anime shows from music. With three difficulty levels, both newcomers to anime and seasoned viewers will feel comfortable. There’s something for everyone!

True to its name, Speedtune is faster-paced, but it’s also a bit like speed dating. You’ll get to learn a bit about every anime show that’s featured in the game. Information from over 200 different anime shows will be displayed, so taking notes is encouraged. You’ll definitely discover something new!

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Fandom Musicals Event: "Animezing" Live Sketch Comedy Show

In this live stage show, Fandom Musicals opens up the world of anime, conventions, and otaku culture to their unique brand of sketch comedy and musical performance! See Pokemon finally go to court on PETA! See how "Free!" REALLY got it's name! Watch the WRONG way to use the Dragon Balls! It's all here in this live performance with tons of original and parody songs, and hilarious sketch comedy!


Anime Name That Tune

Anime North's longest running game show, now in our eighteenth glorious year! Please join us as we continue with the same format, same host, and many of the same songs. Test your musical knowledge, and have a little fun. Can you identify a song from just a 10 second clip? Well now it's time to prove it. Many have tried and failed, then wept bitter tears of shame. Now it's your turn...


Wacky Melty Happiness Show: Season VII

Come on down and play some strange games to win some very strange prizes. All are welcome, few a chosen, none shall comprehend the madness. At this event you are invited to play a few mini 'party games' direct from Japan, involving balloons, firecrackers, pantyhose, and a lot of laughs.


Anime Question Countdown

Another classic Anime North game show. Contestants are given an ever increasing number of clues to identify an Anime series, but for each clue you get will lower the points you could win! As your knowledge is challenged by the other contestants, your errors will be mocked by the audience, so it's a lot of fun for everyone!


Anime Flash

Can you recognize almost any anime out there? Test your knowledge in this fast-paced game to see who can recognize more characters and shows! As the picture is uncovered, will you be the first to get it?


Anime WTF

Are you an aspiring meme-creator? Compete against others to see who can come up with the quickest, and funniest captions for some of the strangest and most random pictures out there!


Anime North Family Feud

Just like on TV! Can you think like an average anime fan? We surveyed 100 fans about various anime-related questions! Two teams of five attempt to guess the top answers on the board. Whether logical answers are up there or not is anyone’s guess!


Dangan Ronpa Murder Mystery

UPUPUPU~ Someone has been murdered! And it's up to you to help us figure out who the culprit is. Talk to students, gather clues, and either sentence the murderer to death, or die trying in this completely interactive panel.


The Price is Right

Here it comes, for its second time at Anime North! The most exciting two hours of fantastic prizes! It’s time to come on down!


Video Game That Tune: Team Tournament

Do you know your video game music, from retro to new school, from Atari to the Playstation 4? Bring a partner (or meet one there) and try your best at this new take on a classic game!


Anime Name that Tune: Team Tournament

This revived classic takes eight teams of two from the audience, and they're entered into a single-elimination tournament where quick knowledge of anime music makes or breaks your chances for big prizes. Audience members will also be eligible for prizes where the contestants are stumped. Bring a partner or meet one there!


Corey Hates the Internet - and So Can You!

Premiering at Anime North for the first time, come join the return of the Courtroom which reviews popular online videos and puts them on trial. Are these memes and viral videos a great addition to the Internet, or a bane on humanity? Expect hijinxs, humor, parody, and maybe some Guests for the Defense! Maybe YOU will be called to the stand - and maybe win a prize for your testimony!


Hetalia Party

Come and play various mini games from the anime Hetalia. You don't need to know the show to play until the end. All are welcome!

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