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Anime North Game Shows are back and bigger than ever! Come join us for a weekend of laughter and fun, while scoring some nifty cool swag in the process!

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Dates and times are subject to change.

Mettaton's Gameshow (Undertale)

WELCOME BEAUTIES TO TODAYS GAMESHOW SHOW! Join the Star Of The Underground (along with the not as glamorous Undertale cast) in a fun interactive show!

Friday 7:00PM Cohen Ballroom TCC


The True/False Game Show - Maru Batz!

Everyone audience member is a contestant! The room is the game board! You have a 50% chance of getting the answers right and the mini-games are live action! You never know what wackiness lies in store!

Friday 7:00PM

Strangers With Candy

Friday 9:00PM


Anime Only Connect

The hit British quiz show is back for its second year at Anime North 2017! Connections must be made between seemingly unrelated anime terms. To succeed, your team will need keen anime insight, and perhaps think outside the box!

  • Tryout: Friday 4:00PM
  • Main Event: Saturday 2:00PM

Read more: Anime Only Connect

The Survival Horror Picture Show

It's the witching hour. Join us in identifying survival horror games throughout the ages! Prizes will be awarded to those with the darkest, deepest memories.

Friday 11:00PM


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