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Anime North Game Shows are back and bigger than ever! Come join us for a weekend of laughter and fun, while scoring some nifty cool swag in the process!

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Dates and times are subject to change.

Wacky Melty Happiness Show: Season VIII 6-7PM Saturday

Come on down and play some strange games to win some very strange prizes. All are welcome, few a chosen, none shall comprehend the madness. At this event you are invited to play a few mini 'party games' direct from Japan, involving balloons, firecrackers, pantyhose, and a lot of laughs.


Anime Name That Tune 10AM-12PM Saturday

Anime North's longest running game show, now in our nineteenth glorious year! Please join us as we continue with the same format, same host, and many of the same songs. Test your musical knowledge, and have a little fun. Can you identify a song from just a 10 second clip? Well now it's time to prove it. Many have tried and failed, then wept bitter tears of shame. Now it's your turn...

Anime Question Countdown 12-1PM Saturday

Another classic Anime North game show. Contestants are given an ever increasing number of clues to identify an Anime series, but for each clue you get will lower the points you could win! As your knowledge is challenged by the other contestants, your errors will be mocked by the audience, so it's a lot of fun for everyone!


Anime Speedtune 10:30-1PM Sunday

Fast refined variant of Name That Tune. Players take turns choosing categories and must identify anime shows from music. Three difficulty levels, so both newcomers and seasoned viewers are welcome! The Friday "lite" event is more relaxed and has 3 open games of 5 players. The Sunday main event has 5 open games of 6 players, plus a grand finals for a large prize! Game tickets will be given out on a first­ come basis.

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Anime Jeopardy 1-2PM Saturday

It's the classic game show of answers and questions, anime style! As always, hosted by Michael Storey of The 404s. TRYOUT REQUIRED: To be selected as a contestant, you must participate in the Friday 4PM tryout. A 40­ clue exam will cover general anime knowledge from the last five years. Weekend or Saturday pass required. The exam is limited to 50 entrants.

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