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Calling all lovers of collectible card games, board games, and miniature table top games! Check out what Anime North has in store for this year!

Wood for Sheep

Wood for Sheep

Besides video games, comic books, and movies, there are a variety of good tabletop games that are inspired and influenced by Japanese culture. Games with anime-inspired art, a Japanese cultural theme, and even games based on well known anime properties. More recently, unique and fun games created by Japanese designers have made their way across the ocean. WoodForSheep Hobbies Ltd. is excited to present and share these games with you.


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Warhammer is back at Anime North 2014.


Read more: Warhammer



Grand Battle Tournament 2

The World Beyblade Organization is proud to announce their return to Anime North with GRAND BATTLE TOURNAMENT 2: WBO North American Championship 2014


Read more: BeyBlade


Steve Jackson Games

Representatives from Steve Jackson Games will be at Anime North 2014 with a variety of games.

Read more: Steve Jackson Games


Pokemon CCG

Skyfox Games is proud to be bringing Pokemon CCG tournaments to Anime North 2014.

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King of Tokyo

Learn to play King of Tokyo! Take on the role of an enormous city-crushing Japanese monster as you battle your fellow mutant beasties for control of Tokyo. Be the last GigaMonster standing, or gain 20 victory points, and you are the King of Tokyo!

Free demos and frequent "tournament" games with prizes for the winner. Brought to you by The Hairy Tarantula.



Go is an ancient Chinese board game of territorial strategy. In addition to free play, the Go event for Anime North this year will feature a full-fledged Go tournament, run in conjunction with the Canadian Go Association. The tournament is open to visitors of Anime North and is free to attend with any pass to Anime North.

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Anime North Casual Magic the Gathering Tournaments

Test your Magic the Gathering skills against other attendees at one of our tournaments running all weekend long.

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Hairy T's Official Magic Tournament

The Hairy Tarantula is running a Sealed Deck Grand Prix Trial for Washington DC, as well as Game Day on Saturday! There will also be draft and win-a-box events throughout the weekend.


Read more: Hairy T's Official Magic Tournament


Hairy T Kaijudo

Kaijudo is a trading card game in which players take control of kaiju (giant otherworldly monsters) and battle for dominance! Come join us for demos, Booster Brawl and Constructed tournaments!

Read more: Hairy T Kaijudo


Yu-Gi-Oh! and Cardfight Vanguard


Untouchables is happy to bring you all a fun weekend full of Vanguard and Yu-Gi-Oh! Join us as we will be hosting tournaments all weekend where you can get cool promos and win some of the newest packs.

All three days of Anime North, Untouchables will be hosting four intermediate tournaments for Cardfight and Yu-Gi-Oh. Players pay $10.00 to play and receive two booster packs for play and top cut will receive store credit to spend at the booth.

On Saturday we will also be having non-stop $10 box tourneys for both games between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Everyone gets a pack and the top four split the box. Whenever we have eight players signed up, we will start a new one.


HeroClix: Demo Play and Battle Royale

HeroClix is a collectible miniatures turn-by-turn battle game. Come out to learn how to play and compete the battel royale.


Read more: HeroClix: Demo Play and Battle Royale

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