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Hailing from the wilds of Kodiak Island, BEARicade is a savage and ferocious competitor who is more beast than man. Using his body as a weapon, BEARicade punches, kicks and headbutts his opponents into submission. A wildman in the ring BEARicade seems to thrive on relentlessly attacking any opponent who steps in the ring with him.


Bettie Rage

Nickname: The Woman Of Mass Destruction
From: St-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Height: 5’3
Weight: 205 lbs

Finishing Move: Bettie Destruction Slam
Trained by: Dru Onyx and LuFisto
How Many Years in Wrestling: 1.5
Championships: None

Promotions: NCW Femmes Fatales, Promotions NCW, CRW, FCW, CTW

Countries wrestled? Canada


Buck Gunderson

Buck is the producer of Super Extreme Anime North Wrestling. In his five years in the ring Buck has had over 400 Professional Matches and has won several championship titles in various leagues. Wrestling has also led Buck to other ventures in entertainment such as starring in the short film "M is for Merman", producing a weekly TV series for Rogers Toronto and most recently being the first professional wrestler to be crowned "Athlete of the Week" by City TV Toronto.


David "DARKSTONE" Ross

David Ross, also known as "Naked Dave" and "The Amazing Darkstone" began acting at a very young age . As a child he landed roles in Independent films and television shows including a principal role in RoboCop the Series. David has also been featured on numerous episodes of InnerSpace as well as “This Movie Sucks” with Ed the Sock, for which his work received the Canadian Comedy Award for "Best Television Show".

David is also accomplished behind the scenes as a script writer collaborating with Ed the Sock & Liana K (CityTV’s “Ed & Red’s Night Party”, Gavin Stephens (CTV’s “Comedy Now” and “Comedy Inc.”) and Paul McGillion (Stargate Atlantis, Sanctuary, Star Trek). David has an honours degree in film and is a writer and presenter for The Constellation Awards (Canada’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Awards for Film & Television). He has seen his own work nominated twice in the same year for the Aurora Awards.

David is also an avid cosplayer and Master Class costumer. He has won numerous awards at multiple conventions. As "Naked Dave", his work has been featured in magazines and websites including the main page of Marvel.com and the front page of the Metro daily newspaper as the Hulk alongside Mark Ruffallo. He has expanded on this to include nerdy “Boylesque” performances at the Questy’s Comic Book Awards, NerdGirl Pin-Ups Burlesque show and more.

David is also an accomplished professional wrestler who performs in the ring as "The Amazing Darkstone" across Canada and the United States. He has captured numerous championships including the UWA Hardcore Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, the NSW World Heavyweight Championship and the PWR Tag Team Championship. Darkstone is also the current reigning Anime North Champion as well as the current and first ever Dragon Con Wrestling Light Heavyweight Champion.


David Wyldstar

The President - The Head Honcho - The Big Cheese!
The Voice of SANITY and INSANITY in the ring.
The man who put the Anime in the ring and the ring in Anime North.
Don't call him David. He is WYLDSTAR!


DeAndre Jackson

Hailing from South Carolina, USA DeAndre Jackson is know as the self-proclaimed "Man of a 1004 Monikers." He is also noted as being cooler than a Polar Bear's toenails. He is a rising indy international star with a colorful personality.


Dr. Stevil

When Dr Stevil is not trying to take over the world, he spends his time travelling to various cons talking to interesting people and sharing their stories on line. These people include local talent such as cosplayers, artists, wrestlers, celebrities and anyone he finds interesting. These interview can be found on Youtube.com/ChattingwithStevil and Chatting with Dr Stevil on Facebook. Mwa Ha ha ha ha ha!



From GrimHovel in the Frozen Northland.
I love to fight and drink!
Pain and pints!! Oo



Like a bullet - Small, Explosive , Deadly and Remorseless. If you're not on my side, You're in my way!



Nickname: Super Hardcore Anime
From: Montreal, Japan
Height: 5’2
Weight: 142 lbs
Manager: Pegaboo

Finishing Moves: Burning Hammer, Mangalizer, Konichiwa-Goodnight
Trained by: Akino, Mariko Yoshida, Len Shelley, Proulx Brothers, Pierre Marchessault & Patrick Lewis
How Many Years in Wrestling: 16

Countries wrestled? Canada, USA, Mexico, England, Germany, Japan


North Shore Pro Wrestling Champion
Lucha Pop Femmes Campeona
NCW Femmes Fatales Championship
CZW Iron-Man Champion
ALF Champion
CZW Best of the Best People's Choice 2008
IWA Mid-South Queen of Death Matches 2007
ALF Sherri Martel Memorial Cup Winner 2007
Stranglehold King of the Death Matches
EOW Super 8 Women Winner
ICW Olympic Champion
SAW World Champion
LLF Extreme Champion
ICW Tag Team Champion (X2)
ASW Canadian Champion
ICW Provincial Champion (X2)
UWA Cruiserweight Champion

Shimmer Women Athletes (USA)
Combat Zone Wrestling (USA)
NCW Femmes Fatales
Women Superstars Uncensored (USA)
Shine Wrestling (USA)
AtoZ (Japan)
Bellatrix Female Warriors (England)
Preston City Wrestling (England)
Lucha Libre AAA (Mexico)
Shine Wrestling (USA)
Ring of Honor (USA)
Alternative Wrestling Show (USA)
Lucha Pop (Mexico)
SMASH Wrestling
Jersey All Pro Wrestling (USA)
Lucha Libre Feminil (Mexico)
International Women Grand Prix (Japan)
Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) (USA)
Deutche Wrestling Allianz (Germany)
IWA Mid-South (USA)
National Wrestling Alliance (Canada and USA)
North Shore Pro Wrestling


Mike "Maxy" Maxwell

Referee Mike "Maxy" Maxwell has officiated matches all across Ontario's independent wrestling circuit. Some of which involving former WWE Superstars Robbie McAllister, Tatanka, Zach Gowen, and former TNA wrestler Cody Deaner. This May he returns to where it all began for him, Anime North.



From: Parts Unknown
Height: 5’6
Weight: 169 lbs

Finishing Move: CheckMate
Trained by: Michel Piché, Buldozer, Johnny Kruger
How Many Years in Wrestling: 10

CTW Women Championship (X2)
WTA Women Championship (X3)
SWF Women Championship

Promotions: NCW Femmes Fatales, Promotions NCW, ICW, CRW, FCW, CTW, FLQ, WTA, NWC

Countries where you wrestled? Canada


Mr. Saki

Trained by Gentleman Geoff and Val Venis, Mr. Saki is a cunning and devious man who’s willing to do whatever it takes to win. Always having a trick up his sleeve, Saki always stays ahead of the competition keeping one step ahead of everyone. Slippery tactics are always on-hand whether he’s in or outside the ring.


OldSchool Eddington James

"OldSchool" Eddington James has enforced the rules of the ring for 14 years. In that time he has refereed over 800 matches. Last year he retired after a 28 year career as an elementary school teacher.


Ray Olubowale

Returning again is Actor Ray Olubowale who played Axeman in the RESIDENT EVIL films — http://residentevil.wikia.com/Axeman. Ray is a 6'7" tall professional heavyweight boxer whose boxing "alias" name is Mount Kilimanjaro. Several years ago he was crowned Heavyweight Boxing Champion of Canada. Born in Nigeria, Ray moved to Toronto at the age of four. When Ray was a child, his life was a constant struggle. He grew up the hard way in the inner city, having little or no family encouragement and support. Ray's road to success was a long and hard one. Yet, rather than letting himself become bitter over his hardships, he instead always reaches out to local youth to try to help them to be positive. His passionate talks have inspired many young people to remain hopeful and strive to find their way out of the poverty that cripples their lives. You can check out more of his work at IMDB.


Rip Impact

Rip Impact has had the honour of traveling across Canada, the United States & Mexico, doing what he loves to do. Impact's recently be seen on national TV for Ring of Honor Wrestling. Wrestling is not only Impact's passion, & fulltime job, but also what he eats, sleeps & breathes. Rip is a fan favourite and wants to thank everyone of his fans for the support.


Silvie Silver

Actress, model, repeat chart topper for indy female wrestler lists across North America, SHE Wrestling World Champion, Toronto Super Show Women Wrestling Champion, and winner of the award for Fan Favorite Choice Best Wrestler of 2013.


Sweet Cherrie

Nickname: Quebec Wrestling’s Golden Child
From: Montreal, Quebec
Height: 5’0
Weight: 180 lbs

Finishing Move: Sweet Stunner
Trained by: LuFisto, Randy Côté, Ludger Proulx
How Many Years in Wrestling: 14

CTW Women Championship (X2)
WTA Women Championship (X3)
SWF Women Championship

Promotions: NCW Femmes Fatales, Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU), Promotions NCW, ICW, NWA Quebec, FCW, CTW, FLQ, WTA, NWC, CPW

Countries where you wrestled? Canada & USA



Odjig Thundercloud is a Odawa warrior who, although introduced as a historian and a shaman, does not live in the past. He is a proud and fierce warrior dedicated to the cause of good, and is in contact with Nanabush through vision. As such, he draws on both internal and external spiritual energy to enhance his power.


Vince Valor

"Invincible" Vince Valor
Hometown: Niagara Falls, NY
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Signature Moves: Sidewalk Slam, Top Rope Elbow Drop, Running Back Elbow

"Invincible" Vince Valor, one half of "The Top Guns," an up and coming tag team from Western New York, is also a former member of "The Compound" who dominated GCW for much of 2013. Valor looks to use his quickness and brutality to prove to the independent scene that he's a force to be reckoned with.



From: Montreal, Quebec
Height: 5’11
Weight: 213 lbs

Finishing Move: 911 Driver
Trained by: Sly Grenier, Dru Onyx and LuFisto

How Many Years in Wrestling: 2
Championships: None

Promotions: TOW, NCW, Hardcore Roadtrip

Countries wrestled? Canada


Will White

Will White made his professional wrestling debut in November 2013 and has been "tearing it off and tearing it up" across Ontario ever since. White, and his alter-ego Bill Black, captured the 2014 Adrenaline Cup when he defeated John Greed. White is eager to take on the best in Ontario.

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