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Members: Vocals - Lauren Babic, Guitar - Chris Mifsud, Guitar - Aleksei Perepelitsa, Drummer - Tyson Dang

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, RED HANDED DENIAL aspire to create music that will etch a lasting impression while bringing heavy-duty passion and adrenaline-pumping energy to the forefront, relentlessly honing their sound and building an unforgettable live performance. This five-piece force of nature have been cutting their teeth at some of the best venues in Central Canada, showcasing songs from both their 2009 debut “Eyes and Liquid Skies EP” and their 2013 full-length album “Stories of Old”.

Armed with a concoction of influences from metal, pop, and even jazz, listeners of all genres will find something to love about the dynamics, enthusiasm and versatility of RED HANDED DENIAL.

RED HANDED DENIAL will be performing on Friday May 22, 2015 in Hall C. Please check the program booklet for more details.





UCHUSENTAI:NOIZ is a visual rock band from Japan. Officially created in 1996 by vocalist Angel-Taka and former drummer S@TT-ON. They are best known for their energetic music, extravagant outfits, passionate live shows and on-stage antics. Their music is very eclectic and has many different elements from genres such as punk, pop, metal, hip-hop and electronic music in their sound and thus cannot be properly labeled. Some songs tend to not mix all these sounds together and focus on one or two, while other song combine all these elements. There are two singers, Angel-Taka as the lead and Masato, who tends to sing in a more harsh/brutal metal way and with hip-hop/rap style vocals.

They have an extensive background in terms of live performances in Japan, and a growing interest in international shows since their debut abroad in Paris in 2006. As far as North America goes, they played back and forth in LA and Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as a date in Canada in early 2013. UchuSentai:NOIZ are appearing at Anime North in association with GalaxyStar Disc and J-rock North Promotions Inc. (http://j-rocknorth.com/)





Members: Vocals/Guitar - Yui, Guitar - Syu, Bass - Hal,Drums - Sho

Umbrella hails from the Kansai region, and is made up four members: Yui, Syu, Hal, and Sho. With their concept, “An umbrella over your heart”, the band has built up a distinct sound and a strong following with heartfelt songs and emotional performances.

Umbrella formed in March 2010, and underwent a change of members in August 2012 to become what it is today. They have appeared at overseas concerts and have performed at Saitama Super Arena, and have hosted events and one-band concerts to one sold out show after another.

Their music – beautiful, raw, and heartrendingly sad - holds and umbrella over your heart. Simply hone your senses and listen - no words are needed. Feel yourself be swallowed up by umbrella’s rainstorm of sound.

Umbrella is appearing at Anime North 2015 in association with J-rock North Promotions Inc. (http://www.j-rocknorth.com) Please join them on Saturday May 23rd for another amazing live concert.


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