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Anime North 2016 Registration Announcements

Pre-Registration for Anime North 2016 is now open.

Note: Weekend Admissions for Anime North 2016 are now sold out.

For Anime North 2016, we have several announcements to make regarding Registration.

1. The Weekend Admission Cap has increased from 15,000 to 17,500! The Daily Admissions (Fri, Sat, Sun) will remain at their 5,000 levels.

2. The first 5,000 Early Bird discounted Weekend Admissions are now sold out. The remaining 12,500 Weekend admissions will be for the regular $60 price.

3. Group admissions are being discontinued starting in 2016. Group discounts will only be considered in special cases (school trips arranged by the school, established anime clubs, etc.) and must be arranged ahead of time by contacting Registration directly.

4. All Canadian attendees can now request to have their Admission Badges mailed out to them before the con (US mailing not available this year). The mailing fee will be $15 per order and badges will be sent by courier 2-3 weeks before the con. Deadline for requesting the mail-out will be April 30. Buy your admission together with your friends and split the mailing fee. More information.

5. Anime North does not endorse third-party sales of Anime North 2016 admissions. In 2015, we saw several cases of fake 2015 admissions being sold online. Starting in 2016, Anime North will not respond to any requests to authenticate claims of Anime North 2016 admissions being sold by third parties. Anyone who purchases an Anime North 2016 admission from anywhere except through Anime North Registration does so at his/her own risk, and Anime North will not accept any responsibility if they turn out to be fake.

6. Doll North-Only admissions are now being offered for 2016. These admissions will cost $30 and will be sold at the door of Doll North, in the Crowne Plaza hotel. Regular Anime North attendees will continue to have full access to Doll North events; these admissions are for people who wish to only attend Doll North. More information.


2016 Attendance Cap

In order to prevent over-crowding at convention venues, Anime North has established an attendance cap to limit total attendance on any single day. Total admissions that will be sold for Anime North 2016 will be:
  • Weekend/Group: 17,500 (Sold out)
  • Friday-only: 5,000
  • Saturday-only: 5,000
  • Sunday-only: 5,000

We strongly recommend that if you wish to attend Anime North 2016, to purchase your admission through Pre-Registration; Weekend and Saturday admissions both sold out last year before the con, and Friday and Sunday admission sales increase each year. We cannot guarantee any admissions will be on sale at the door.



Registration General Information

Admissions to Anime North 2016 will be sold before the con through Pre-Registration and in limited numbers at the door of the convention. Anime North merchandise and special event tickets can also be pre-ordered along with admissions.

Please read over the following information and if you have any questions, first check the Registration FAQ, and then, should you have further questions or concerns, please e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Registration Desk

The Registration Desk is located in Hall D of the Toronto Congress Center. Registration Desk staff will be on hand to sell limited Anime North admissions, check the confirmation forms of Anime North admissions sold through Pre-Registration, and hand out convention badges to attendees. Registration Desk hours are:

Thursday, May 26, 2016

5:00 PM - 9:00PM*

(pre-reg pickup only)

Friday, May 27, 2016

1:00 PM - 9:00 PM*

(note: con events start at 5 PM)

Saturday, May 28, 2016 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Sunday, May 29, 2016 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM

*Please Note: on Thursday and Friday evening, Anime North Registration reserves the right to cap the lineup at the Registration Desk, starting at 8PM, to ensure the staff will have adequate time to complete processing the line by 9PM.


Convention Badges

All attendees of Anime North are required to wear an Anime North convention badge at the con, as proof that you have purchased an admission and are entitled to attend all the convention's functions. Badges are obtained at the Registration Desk.  If you have pre-registered for the convention, you can present your confirmation form from Eventbrite to pick up your badge at the Pre-Registration section of the Registration Desk. You can also purchase limited Anime North admissions directly at the Registration Desk and receive your badge. Attendees are required to print their full names on the badges, and show them to security upon request.

Warning: there have been attempts in the past by individuals to sell fake Anime North convention badges, for example by claiming to offer “discounts” on “bulk” badges purchased from the convention and being resold for charity. These fake badges are either sent through the mail, or provided at some other venue than the Registration Desk, such as the TCC parking lot. Legitimate Anime North convention badges are only available for pickup at the Registration Desk in the Toronto Congress Center, or sent through the mail by direct arrangement with Anime North Registration. Anime North employs anti-counterfeiting measures for our badges and fake badges will be confiscated by Security, and their wearers required to leave the convention


Child Registration

Children 6 to 13 years of age are admitted for half-price of the corresponding single admission adult prices, but must be accompanied by an adult 18 years old or over. Child prices are not applied to group admissions.

Children aged 5 and under are admitted free, but must be accompanied by an adult 18 years old or over.




Anime North 2016 attendees can purchase their admissions ahead of time through Pre-Registration, along with special event tickets and merchandise. Special prices are offered for some admissions for a limited time.

Due to the attendance cap, we cannot guarantee any admissions will be available for sale at the door of the convention. Weekend and Saturday admissions have sold out in the past two years; Friday and Sunday single day admissions have been available at the door, but in decreasing numbers for the past few years.

Orders can be send through the regular mail (paying by cheque or money order) or through our online form on the Eventbrite website, paying by credit card or through a PayPal account.


Anime North Admissions

Weekend or Day-Only Anime North admissions are for 1 Adult or Child each. Note that multiple single admissions can be ordered at a time.

Adult prices for Weekend single admissions are (children between 6-13 are half-price):

  • First 5,000 Weekend admissons sold: $50 CDN/US (Sold Out)

  • Remaining 12,500 Weekend admissions: $60 CDN/US (Sold Out)

Adult prices for Single Day Only single admissions are (children between 6-13 are half price):

  • Friday Only: $35 CDN/USD

  • Saturday Only: $45 CDN/USD

  • Sunday Only: $35 CDN/USD


Anime North Admission Badge Mailing

Starting in 2016, Anime North is now offering the option to all Canadian Anime North attendees of having their admission badges sent to them by courier before the convention, by paying a $15 mailing fee. Badge mailing is not available to US attendees as of yet. If interested, review the full details and conditions.

Group Admissions

Eligibility for Group Admissions to Anime North has been changed starting in 2016.

Group discounts will only be offered in special cases (established anime clubs, school anime groups, special trips by social/educational organizations, etc.) and must be arranged by contacting Anime North Registration directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We do not guarantee a request for a group discount will be accepted.

Group admissions also have the option of having their admission badges mailed to them before the convention, by paying a $15 mailing fee. If interested, review the full details and conditions.  


Full details on pre-registering for Anime North 2016 online or through the regular mail is available at Anime North Pre-Registration



At-The-Door Registration

 Limited Anime North 2016 admissions will be on sale at the Registration Desk during regular hours.

Weekend and Saturday-only admissions will almost certainly sell out and will not be available at the door.

Limited Friday-Only and Sunday-Only admissions may be available, but this cannot be guaranteed. Details on availability of at-the-door admissions will be announced the week before the convention.

Sunday-only admissions will only be available for purchase at the door on Sunday. They cannot be purchased on Friday or Saturday.

Cash only will be accepted at the door; no cheques, credit cards or debit cards.

Friday-only Admission


Sunday-only Admission




Merchandise and Special Event Tickets

Anime North Merchandise

Various Anime North merchandise can be purchased ahead of time through Pre-Registration:

  • Anime North T-Shirts
  • Anime North Pins

Also, a TCC Food Voucher, good for a Burger/Fries/Pop combo at the TCC Cash & Carry, is available for purchase.

See Anime North Merchandise for more information on how to order them.

Anime North Special Event Tickets

Tickets for Anime North Special Events can be purchased ahead of time through Pre-Registration.

See Anime North Special Events for more information on how to order them.

Please note, the Saturday Brunch has been discontinued.



Thursday Night Pre-Registration Check-In

Attendees who have pre-registered will be able to pickup their convention badges at the Registration Desk in the Toronto Congress Centre during all three days of the convention. Anime North will also be having a Pre-Registration only check-in Thursday night, May 26, 2016 at the Toronto Congress Centre. This will allow attendees who have pre-registered to pick up their convention badges and registration packets ahead of time.

Registrations to Anime North 2016 will NOT be sold at this event. It is for pre-registered attendees only.

The check-in will run from 5PM - 9PM in Hall D of the Toronto Congress Centre. The entrance is on the west side of the building, about two-thirds the way down.

Note: Anime North reserves the right to cap the lineup at 8PM on Thursday night. To be certain to obtain your badge on this event, please come before 8PM.

Moonlight Ball tickets will be available for pickup. There will also be a Weapons Check desk open.

Any convention function not specifically mentioned here will not be available Thursday night. The con does not officially start until Friday and most departments will still be in the early stages of setup.

Attendees can also pick up badges for friends if they bring their confirmation forms and photocopies of their Photo ID. Note that once you do, you are responsible for getting the badges to them; they cannot pick up another from the Registration Desk.



Registration Refund Policy

If you have pre-registered and cannot attend Anime North 2016, please contact Anime North Registration at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by May 12, 2016 to arrange for a refund.

Unused pre-registrations will not be refunded after the convention.

Group admissions will not be refunded at the convention.

Include the full name and email (if available) of the attendee, and a copy of the Anime North confirmation form from Eventbrite.

Refunds can take the following forms:

  1. Your pre-registration fee can be returned to you (Anime North will deduct $2 to cover bank/postage fees).
    • If you registered by mail, a cheque will be mailed back to the requester. This would take 4-6 weeks. Please include a mailing address and the name the cheque should be made out to with your refund request.
    • If you registered online, the refund can be sent back through PayPal (as long as the request comes within two months of purchase). This would take 3-4 days. Beyond two months, we can make the refund online only if the purchaser has a PayPal account. Include with the request for a refund the email on your PayPal account and the refund will be be sent directly there. Otherwise, we will send a refund cheque through the regular mail.
  2. The pre-registration can be transferred to another person. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the full name of the existing Anime North attendee (and attach his/her Eventbrite confirmation form) and the full name and email of the person it should be transferred to. We will reassign the admission and email out a new confirmation.
  3. The pre-registration can be rolled over to next year.



Special Needs Services

If you wish information on attending Anime North with a disability, please check the box on the registration form asking for information on Special Needs Services. You will be emailed with further information. You may also contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it directly for more information.


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