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JF Garrard

JF Garrard

JF Garrard lives in Toronto, Canada. She is the President of Dark Helix Press, an Indie publisher of Multicultural Fantasy, Science Fiction and Raw Non-Fiction. She is interested in increasing awareness of diversity issues and breaking down cultural stereotypes through her dark stories. Her novel, The Undead Sorceress, is a blend of Eastern and Western vampire mythologies. She was a guest co-editor and contributor of Designing Fate, a sci-fi story, for Ricepaper Magazine’s 19.3 Speculative Fiction issue. A germaphobe with a Nuclear Medicine background, you can find her at different Sci-Fi/Japanese Animation conventions throughout the year. www.jfgarrard.com.


Mike Toole

Mike Toole is the editor-at- large at Anime News Network, the internet's biggest English-language source for news, reviews, and information about Japanese animation and manga. His biweekly column for ANN, THE MIKE TOOLE SHOW, is in its seventh year of publication and boasts a readership in the six figures. He's also an occasional producer at Discotek Media, a boutique DVD and Blu-Ray publisher based in Florida. Mike's latest Discotek project is the Captain Harlock origin film ARCADIA OF MY YOUTH; he served as producer and created a guided commentary track for that release. Mike's also done a bit of voiceover work (you can hear him as the narrator in the restoration documentary on Discotek’s STREET FIGHTER II: THE ANIMATED MOVIE Blu-Ray release), and has appeared as an onscreen host on television for Crunchyroll’s 2015 Christmas Special.


Neil Nadelman

A veteran anime industry translator, Neil got his start as a fan-turned-professional in the early 1990s, gaining notoriety for his translation and subtitling work on a long list of projects, such as Macross Plus OAVs, The Slayers and Slayers Try TV series, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Irresponsible Captain Tylor. A gigantic Gundam fan, he also worked for Sunrise translating the original Gundam TV series and the One Year War OVAs, and is the man who popularized the use of the term "Zeke" as a derogatory name for Zeon soldiers in the Gundam universe.

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