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Costume Workmanship Contest

The Costume Workmanship Contest (CWC) is a Costume Contest where only workmanship skills are judged. There is no stage component. A photographer will be present.

Results will be posted on the Costume Workmanship Contest Facebook Page and Anime North Facebook Page.

Awards and Certificates will be handed out at the Awards Ceremony on Sunday. If you cannot attend the ceremony, awards can be picked up next year.

NOTE: This is NOT workmanship judging for the Masquerade.

Date: Saturday, May 28, 2016
Time: 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: International Plaza Hotel in the South Lobby Coat Check (formerly the Masquerade Office)

How to Enter

  1. Arrive at the South Lobby Coat check at the Internaional Plaza at 10:30 AM. Entry is first come, first server.

  2. You must bring documentation showing the planning and construction of your costume. This can and should include documents, planning sketches, materials samples, progress photographs, notes, etc.

  3. You should also bring colour reference images of your character/costume source (NOT photos of you in costume). These are for the judges to use. Here is a great example that shows a costume reference clearly: reference images template. If you do not bring printed images, but rather bring electronic ones, the judges will have no references to judge you with and you reduce your eligibility for certain awards.

Rules for Entry

  1. You must have made from scratch 80% of the costume you are entering. (No closet costumes, brand lolita, J/K/XYZ Fashion brands, etc.

  2. One costume per person per entry year. (No pair, group or multiple entries from the same person)

  3. The CREATOR of the costume is the official "Entrant" and must be present at Judging. (The costume may be worn by a "model" who may be a friend or family member).

  4. You must enter the Judging Room in full costume. You cannot "get into costume" or assemble yourself in the room.

  5. You will have 10 minutes or less assigned to you for judging, from start to finish.

  6. You may not enter the same costume in multiple competitions (i.e. masquerade and skit contest) at this convention. The other events already have workmanship judging and it is not fair to ask us to duplicate efforts. The different events share judges!

  7. Recreation costumes only, no original designs. All genres welcome.

  8. Judges' decisions are final.

Questions? Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Read more at http://teahousemaplemoon.proboards.com/thread/1604/event-information#ixzz46zJxkarB

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