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Anime North Family Feud

Join Ken Campbell as two teams try to determine the most common answers from a survey of anime-centric questions. As the questions and answers don't have to make complete sense, there's sure to be fun and laughs!

Saturday 5:00PM


Player Eligibility

This is a team game show. Basic anime knowledge is helpful, but the survey questions were written for a more casual audience in mind. It doesn’t require heavy knowledge like Anime Jeopardy or Anime Only Connect.

There wil be one game with 2 teams of 5. Before the game begins, a staff member will choose the teams from the audience based on the following factors:

  • Super enthusiasm and energy required! We want players who really want to be up on stage!
  • Being an anime guru is not required. We don’t care if you’re a know-it-all. That’s what Anime Jeopardy is for. Family Feud players must be able to socialize with the host and present themselves confidently!
  • Themed cosplay teams have a much higher chance of being selected. But all cosplay team members must have an infectious amount of enthusiasm and energy!

To make things interesting, this year, one person from the Anime Jeopardy/Only Connect tryout will be a Family Feud player. But that person must meet all of the requirements above!

Gameplay (Main)

  • There are four main rounds. Each round, one player from each team participates in the faceoff.
  • Duing the faceoff, Ken (the host) will read the question. Answers are from a general public survey taken in late April and have multiple possible answers. Players may buzz in before Ken finishes reading.
  • Each answer has a numerical value. This is the percentage of respondents who gave that answer.
  • The winner of the faceoff will choose whether to play the question, or pass it to the other team.
  • The playing team then tries to get all of the answers. If the team gets 3 wrong answers, the other team gets a chance to steal. Stealing requires the other team to get 1 of the remaining answers.
  • Round 3’s points are doubled. Round 4’s points are tripled.
  • In the event that no team gets 300 points by the end of round 4, a sudden death round is played with only the #1 answer on the board.

Gameplay (Fast Money)

  • Two people on the winning team are chosen to play Fast Money. The second player goes backstage.
  • The first player has 20 seconds to answer 5 survey questions.
  • The second player has 25 seconds to answer. If this player repeats a given answer, two short buzzes will sound and the player will be prompted to give another answer.
  • Fast Money is won if all combined answers total at least 200 points.
  • Fast Money hasn’t been won at Anime North since 2010. Make sure the two people who are chosen know their stuff! We really want a winner this year!
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