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Anime Jeopardy!

It’s the trivia game of answers and questions! An Anime North staple since 2009. Hosted by Michael Storey of The 404s.


Player Eligibility

The main event is one game on Saturday at 1:00 PM. Like the TV show, there are only 3 available player spots. There will be a tryout for the 3 player spots on Friday at 4:00 PM.

Make sure you brush up on your overall anime knowledge, as the tryout will cover a wide variety of shows!

Tryout Requirements

  • The tryout covers both Anime Jeopardy and Anime Only Connect, another knowledge-focused game show.
  • 50 entrants maximum. Please arrive early to ensure a spot.
  • The tryout will begin 5 minutes past the hour. Late arrivals will not be admitted.
  • Entrants must hold either a weekend pass, or both Friday and Saturday day passes.
  • Ineligible entrants include Anime North staff and volunteers. Former Anime Jeopardy players, including champions, are ineligible to play Anime Jeopardy again. They may still take the tryout for Anime Only Connect.
  • On the form, entrants will indicate whether they are taking the tryout for Anime Jeopardy, Anime Only Connect, or both. If you select both and pass, you must choose one of them. Priority is given to the highest scorers.

There are two parts of the tryout: an exam round and an interview round.

Exam Format

  • 40 clues, plus a tiebreaker. Clues cover general knowledge from anime produced from 2012 to 2017, including currently airing shows. There will be no clues about anime produced in 2011 or earlier. (This “five-year rule” encourages younger anime fans to try out. In addition, anime production has exploded in recent years. This time range covers a pool of over 500 unique anime. If you only know about older shows, you have some catching up to do!)
  • Each clue will be recited along with three multiple choices.
  • Clues appear on screen for 20 seconds.
  • Correct responses score 3 points. A blank response scores 1 point.
  • The tiebreaker requires a numerical response. Closest in either direction wins.
  • Leaving the room results in a disqualification (DQ). There are no exceptions to this. Please make sure you have used the washroom facilities before the tryout begins.
  • Any smartphone/electronic device usage results in a DQ. Please turn off your electronic devices before the tryout begins.
  • Each entrant will have an ID number, which is used during marking.
  • Marking is done live. Entrants will be able to see results as the exams are marked.

A number of top-scoring players will be selected for an interview. Getting one of the top three scores does NOT ensure that you will play in the main event. The interviewer will be looking for voice loudness and clarity, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the rules of the game.

After the interview round, 3 players will be chosen for Anime Jeopardy, and 4 captains will be chosen for Anime Only Connect.

A number of resources are available for your perusal:

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