Sol Ardour

In late 2009, Shola, Sion, and Artemis came together to form Sol Ardour. A visual band with both western and eastern influences. Since then, they have continuously worked towards creating an immersive world through music. A tale encompassing their sounds, art , and imagination. Along the way, they were joined by members Xuya and Topeng. Together they have given birth to a new legend. A new story.

Since their conception, Sol Ardour has played various shows and concerts throughout New York City. This includes headlining at Webster Hall (the largest nightclub in New York City) and opening at Gramercy Theatre.

Sol Ardour has also released two EPs. The first, a non-studio record (Zero- Ø- Zero), and the second recorded in a studio (Heart Of Viole[n]ts). Their first full length album (Et Nexus To Utopia) is slated for release in April of this year.

Sol Ardour will be perfroming on Friday May 23rd, 2014 in Hall C of the TCC.

A message from Sol Ardour.

And be sure to check out the PV for The Waxing Moon

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