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Photo Alley 2018

Comic Market, Crafters Corner, and Photo Alley information will be available here in mid-January 2018. Please stay tuned for full details on this year’s Artist spaces as exciting changes are coming!

Note to interested applicants: Artist spaces include a convention membership. It is not required to purchase a convention membership beforehand in order to apply for any artist space. Should you purchase a weekend admission in advance and then receive an artist space, you will have to apply to registration to have it transferred or refunded (a small fee applies to a refund). Historically, weekend memberships have NEVER sold out before all artist spaces were allocated so please plan accordenly. Should weekend memberships start running low there will be ample warning of this. Also note tha tthe Early Bird memberships ($50) are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Photo Alley 2017

Welcome to Anime North 2017. Please note that due to very limited space on Photo Alley, booths will be available only on a first come first served basis.

Please note that 2017 may be the last year Photo Alley will remain in the current format. There is a possibility of layout changes and cost of living fees increases for Photo Alley starting 2018.

The following notice is only applicable to photographers planning to charge money for photoshoots within Anime North’s premises. Due to liability issues that still cannot be resolved, Anime North will only allow photo shoot sales via the Photo Alley within the convention premises during the convention at this time. Photographers not registered through Photo Alley will not be allowed to charge photo shoots for money within the convention premises as stated in this policy:

“Selling by individuals in any area controlled by the convention or its venues, including the parking areas, is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the convention."

Any photographers caught selling/charging photoshoot services not contracted under the Photo Alley my face expulsion from the convention and possibly denial of participation in any future Anime North events.

What is Photo Alley?

The Photo Alley is dedicated space for photographers to build their portfolios and share their photo taking skills with cosplayers. Both commercial and non-commercial photographers are welcome.

Commercial photographers are defined as persons either charging to take photos or to provide digital or print copies of the images taken at the convention for profit.

Non-commercial photographers are defined as individuals either donating their profits to charity or not charging for their services.

Please send an application request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please indicate in your request if you are commercial or non-commercial photographer.

Where is Photo Alley located?

Photo Alley will be in the Toronto Congress Centre. Details to be announced when finalized.

What are the dimensions of a Photo Alley booth? What comes with it?

All booths are 10'x10' and come with one (1) 6' table, two (2) chairs, and two (2) badges. Additional badges can be purchased for $50 each.

Please note that we are enforcing that photographers stay within the 10'x10' dimensions of their booth as marked on the floor. Repeated complaints from neighbouring booths regarding overstepping the boundaries may result in denial of Photo Alley space for next year.

How do can I arrange for a bigger booth or to arrange sponsorship with Anime North for my company?

If you wish to have a larger Photo Alley booth or to arrange sponsorship with Anime North, please contact Regina Beecham at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I would like internet access or electricity drops. What do I do?

Anime North only provides the space for your booths. You will need to make your own arrangements and pay the additional costs directly to the ShowTech in order to have electricity and internet access. Let us know and we will send you the direct link for you to arrange it online.

How much does a Photo Alley booth cost?

For commercial photographers, it will be a fee of $250 CAD.

For non-commercial photographers, it will be a fee of $150 CAD.

What can I sell in Photo Alley?

Photography services, photographs, and photography-related merchandise are the only items allowed to be sold in Photo Alley. If you are actually looking for Dealers Room, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We want to ensure that the convention is a safe and mutually understanding environment. Also, by Canadian Law, photography models must be at least 18 years of age to give consent to settings similar to what is offered in Anime North. If underage, models must have a guardian give consent. Anime North requires that photographers provide a consent form and/or release waiver to be signed by the model or guardian (in duplicate, one for the model to keep and one for the photographer to keep). If you need an example of a release form, please download filmphotographyreleasesample.docx.

In addition, the forms must also have a section stating that:

"I acknowledge that Anime North is not responsible for the photographs and/or its potential future use and/or distribution taken by the photographer in this booth."

Please send us a copy of the consent forms and/or release waivers that you intend to use along with your Photo Alley application form.

How do I donate some of my promotional merchandise and/or services?

If you are giving a merchandise donation, after you are approved, we will send you the address where you are to ship your merchandise donations if you wish to send them ahead of time. We would prefer that you send your donations ahead of time so that we have ample time to advertise your donations to the Charity Auction on our website and social media networks prior to the convention. Please attach your business card to your donations if possible.

If physically sending your donation is not possible, please send us an itemized list of your donations no later than April 30, 2017.

For merchandise donations, they must be:

  • Brand new, that is not used and in its original packaging
  • Relevant to Anime North (i.e. photography gear, special effects computer programs, etc.)

The same applies for service donations (i.e. gift certificate for a photography workshop/classes, photography modeling lessons, etc.) If you cannot send the certificate ahead of time, please send us all details of your service, including a description, duration, and the number of sessions you are donating prior to April 30, 2017 so we can give it ample advertisement on our website and social media.

I was approved for a booth but due to unforeseen circumstances am no longer able to attend. What do I do?

Photo Alley has a fixed number of booths available on a first-come, first-served basis and often will have a waiting list after all of the booths have been approved. Thus, due to the high demand for Photo Alley booths, we request that you inform Anime North ASAP if you will not be able to send a representative to physically use your table. Failure to do so will result in automatic denial of future applications.

Who do I contact if I have other questions not answered here?

Regina Simon Beecham
AN 2017 Industry Tables Coordinator
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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