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Cafe Nocturne - Butler Cafe

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Welcome to the world of Cafe Nocturne, where for a precious period of time, you are the centre of our world.

Away from the hustle and bustle, away from the noise and stress, is a special place meant for you, the tired, stressed patron. Beautiful boys attend your every whim, the finest custom-blended teas and an afternoon tea service of light sandwiches and desserts lift you. Ojou-sama (Princess), Goshujin-sama (Prince), please grace us with your treasured presence, where we exist only to make you happy.

Special this year! New uniforms, After Dark, and Pajama Party!

Come see the new custom uniforms made for Cafe Nocturne. They take our dansou cafe to a whole new level!

Saturday After Dark - The Way of the Samurai

It is the mid-Edo period. The emperor, Donarudo, has begun closing Japan off to the outside world, with only certain approved visitors allowed to the land of the rising sun. The people of Japan have begun looking back at traditional ways; a romantic, majestic reinvention of the days of old emerging. To promote the art and beauty of Japan, the emperor, along with his empress, Airiin, has decreed a festival to be held honouring Japanese culture and entertainment. However, clans wishing to destabilize the nation to take it over causing unrest and threatening to disrupt this festival. Emperor Donarudo, through the Tan Shogunate, has ordered a militia be created to protect all attendees and guests of this festival, and thus the Sakuragumi, or Cherry Blossom Militia, was formed.

When the hatamoto of Sakuragumi are not patrolling the festival or dealing with upstart troublemakers, you can find them at the Sakura Chaya, the Cherry Blossom Teahouse, enjoying tea, snacks, and regaling festival goers with tales and music. Come spend time under the entertainment and protection of the Sakuragumi. Be served custom tea and themed snacks. Meet Princess Ari and Prince Nekorai and watch their antics with their samurai protectors. Be charmed by the lovely handmaiden Erizabesu as she tries to keep Neko-no-miya out of trouble and Ari-no-miya from killing the crown prince. Enjoy a view into the world of Ukiyo, or the Edo period "Floating World" and Wakashudo, sometimes known as just Shudo and also Nanshoku, the Way of Beautiful Young Men, which is the fine art and appreciation of historical yaoi.

Dressing in Japanese wear is encouraged! Any period is welcome. It doesn't have to specifically be samurai/Edo period. Wa Loli attire is especially welcome along with samurai/geisha attire. A contest will be held for the best dressed Japanese-themed outfit, both male and female, with prizes for each category winner!

Sunday - Pajama Party!

Come join the sleepy boys of Cafe Nocturne for breakfast-themed food and see them like you've never seen them before! Get a glimpse into their private lives when not on duty at the cafe. Play classic pajama party games with them! All cafe staff will be in whatever sleepwear they prefer. Patrons are equally encouraged to come in pajamas!

Cafe Nocturne - A Japanese dansou cafe/host club experience!

(Note: All "Cafe Boys"/butlers are played by women. Other staff may be played by men.)

You don't want to miss it!

Ticket website: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/anime-north-2014-tickets-9976374605

NOTE: If a show's seats do not sell out in advance, feel free to come by for that show and buy entry at the door. Available seats at the door for any show will be limited! It’s better to get your tickets now and get the exact show hour that's best for you!

Saturday, May 24, 2014:

  • Show 1 5:00pm SOLD OUT
  • Show 2 6:00pm SOLD OUT
  • Show 3 7:00pm SOLD OUT
  • Show 4 8:00pm SOLD OUT
  • After Dark 10:00pm SOLD OUT

Sunday, May 25, 2014:

  • Show 1 12:30pm
  • Show 2 1:30pm
  • Tickets $20

LOCATION: Radisson Hotel, Radisson Room (2nd Floor)

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