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Mike Toole

Mike Toole is the editor-at- large at Anime News Network, the internet's biggest English-language source for news, reviews, and information about Japanese animation and manga. His biweekly column for ANN, THE MIKE TOOLE SHOW, is in its seventh year of publication and boasts a readership in the six figures. He's also an occasional producer at Discotek Media, a boutique DVD and Blu-Ray publisher based in Florida. Mike's latest Discotek project is the Captain Harlock origin film ARCADIA OF MY YOUTH; he served as producer and created a guided commentary track for that release. Mike's also done a bit of voiceover work (you can hear him as the narrator in the restoration documentary on Discotek’s STREET FIGHTER II: THE ANIMATED MOVIE Blu-Ray release), and has appeared as an onscreen host on television for Crunchyroll’s 2015 Christmas Special.

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