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Welcome to the page for Canada's premiere anime convention vocal competition! Have you ever had dreams of singing and performing like BoA or GACKT? Do you have a hidden talent for belting out your favourite anime or J-pop songs with total fluency? Then this is the event for you! Join us at the convention and audition for your chance to perform in the finale and be crowned as this year's Anime North Idol!


  1. Songs must be at least 70% Japanese in order to be used
  2. Songs must be the official karaoke track (see Q&A below for more details)
  3. Solo performances only, no groups!
  4. No entourage in the audition room. Your friends can support you in line but not while you're performing with us.
  5. Must be available on the Saturday AND Sunday as auditions and the finale are taking place between both days this year.
  6. Unfortunately you cannot participate if you are a unionised performer without expressed permission from your union.
  7. Competitors under 16 years of age must have written consent by a parent or guardian with their application forms.
  8. Songs must be provided on a CD and preferably be the only track on there. Please clearly label your CD with your track name, number and YOUR name. No USB sticks or MP3 players allowed.
  9. If you are chosen as a finalist you must bring your CD with you and arrive at the stage a half hour before the competition for sound check.
  10. Have fun! It's a performance to showcase your talent so enjoy yourself!

Auditions will take place on Saturday, from 11:00AM to 1:00PM. Keep an eye on the program book for location. The Audition Form and Parental/Guardian Consent Form (for participants 16 years of age or younger) are available here. If possible print and fill out before arrival, if not we will have copies for you to fill out at the auditions. You will be given approximately 1 minute for your audition - roughly the length of a verse and a chorus. After you're done singing you will be thanked and can leave. No feedback will be given during the audition process. After the auditions are completed the finale list will be posted outside the audition room within a half hour. This year we will be having a top 10 for the finale and a runner up will be chosen in the event that one of the competitors is unavailable or doesn't show.

For the finale, it will take place on the Sunday from 3:00PM to 4:30PM (times currently subject to change). Finalists will be advised on the Finalist Selection Sheet what time sound check will be though it is typically 9:00AM on Sunday. Finalists will perform in a random order and last year's winner will perform while the judges' scores are tallied. The chosen winner will also be asked to perform later that day at the closing ceremonies.

Any questions can be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , but please read carefully through the Q&A section BEFORE sending questions!


Q: What do you mean by official karaoke track?
A: These tracks are usually provided on albums that the artist puts out (you can Google the discography to easily see if they have released one). CD's can be purchased from or if you need sourcing.

Q: Can I pull the vocal tracks myself?
A: No. Doing it yourself risks "ghost vocals" and/or lower audio quality so official karaoke tracks only please!

Q: What if my song is more English than you allowed?
A: Then find another song please. Obviously we can discern if you are singing more English than Japanese especially because you are only given about a minute in your audition!

Q: Can I change the pitch of the song?
A: No. Unaltered official karaoke tracks only please.

Q: Can I add my own backup vocals?
A: No. Unaltered official karaoke tracks only please.

Q: Can I sing and opening or ending theme song?
A: Yes however please prepare the full version of the song, not the TV cut!

Q: What if I don't make sound check on time for the finale?
A: You will be disqualified. There is going to be a runner up chosen at the audition process this year who will be contacted to replace you. Punctuality is key!

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