Policy on Bootlegs and Metal Weapons

Anime North's Position on Bootlegs

Anime North does not condone or support the sale of pirated or bootleg merchandise.

Pirated video material, whether it be video, DVD, VCD or any other format is not tolerated. This year the decision has been made to prevent the sale of 'gray' area CDs, which include, but is not limited to, SonMay, Ever Anime or other Taiwanese or Hong Kong distributors. For visual and audio material, only original Japanese or North American distributed items will be acceptable. Only properly licensed model kits (i.e. no Bendi or other similar imitations) will be tolerated.

Any other questionable items will be left to the discretion of the Dealers/Exhibitors, but offending items may be asked to be pulled from display and not sold for the remaining duration of the convention if said item's legality can be proved to be false.

We are working with the companies and organizations that hold the rights to these various properties. It is under their direction and discretion what further actions will be taken at the convention. Bandai has indicated that they will not tolerate any unlicensed material/goods being sold at the convention and will not hesitate to prosecute if necessary.

Thank you,
Anime North 

Anime North's Position on Metal Weapons

The Toronto Congress Center (TCC) does not generally allow the sale or display of weapons or props with a metal blade, including (but not limited to) swords, knives, daggers, etc., anywhere on the premises of the Toronto Congress Center (to include all facilities and parking lots).

If you wish to sell or display such material, you MUST discuss the matter with Mike Russell of the Toronto Congress Center at (416) 245-5000 x257.

Failure to comply may result in but is not limited to expulsion of the dealer from Anime North with no refund of Dealers Room rental fee, arrest, and/or criminal prosecution.

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