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Crafters' Corner

Notification of Application Changes for Artist Admission for 2016

We would like to inform that all interested participants to the Comic Market, Pro Plaza, and the Crafter's Corner that there is a change in terms of purchasing your admission to the convention. The Registration department will no longer be processing or handling any of the badges for the Artist sections (Comic Market/Pro Plaza/Crafter's Corner).

All artist admission must be purchased through the Artist sections and will be included in the fees of the table.

If you have purchased a convention admission through regular registration, you must be prepared to request for a refund from their department directly. You cannot subtract or carry over the amount to your artist fee as it is handled by an entirely separate department.

What does this mean?

  • Admissions bought through the Registration department cannot be carried over to the Comic Market, Pro Plaza, or Crafter's Corner.
  • If an artist requires a refund for a regular attendee admission, they are responsible for contacting the Registration Department to have this processed.
  • Eventbrite processing no longer applies for Artists and they will be issued a receipt from the Comic Market, Pro Plaza, or Crafter's Corner, supplied and signed by the coordinator.
  • The receipt will be the artist's proof of purchase and will be needed, along with their Government Issued Photo ID, when they sign in for their table.
  • Secondary artist admission or helper admission can only be purchased through the Comic Market, Pro Plaza, or Crafter's Corner. If this individual has purchased a regular attendee admission, they will need to pay the fee for the artist/helper admission through the the Comic Market, Pro Plaza, or Crafter's Corner, and request a refund for the regular attendee admission through the Registration Department.
  • Artists will not be able to pick up their artist badges through the registration lines. They will be assigned their own area for sign in and pick up. If an artist decides to line up at the registration lines for their badge, registration can not, and will not issue an artist badge as registration will not have artist records or artist badges.

We ask that all participants who plan to apply for this year's artist tables to supply a valid email during applications. If we cannot contact the artist, or the artist supplies an email that is either invalid or an email that they do not check regularly, it can result to the loss of their reservation.

Registration Information Updates for Crafter's Corner 2016 will be available February 2016.

2015's information can be found below.

The Crafters Corner is open for amateur three dimensional craft artists. This area is for artists who wish to sell their hand made crafts, some examples of wares crafters in the past have sold are chain mail jewellery, plush dolls, knitted accessories, and cosplay items.

What classifies as a registered Artist in the Crafters Corner?

A registered artist is an individual whose name appears on the Crafters Corner registration form and who has fulfilled the following conditions:

  1. The individual has signed the Policy and Contract Agreement;
  2. Their registration has been confirmed by the Crafters Corner Coordinator.

Please note that tables cannot be filled by individuals whose names are not registered to Crafters Corner.

Crafters Corner Artists must be of amateur level, meaning that:

  1. The artist is representing his/her individual body of work — without the use of a representative or agent — and has excluded any commercially published works or works represented by a commercial publisher;
  2. The artist is using the table to display his/her artwork and skills to the public as a hobby and not as a main source of income/revenue;
  3. The artist must be at least 14 years of age by May 22, 2015. Please note if you are under 18 you must have a parent/legal guardian cosign the contract.


The Crafters Corner will be located next to the Dealers Room in the Toronto Congress Centre.

Table Information

Each artist may apply for one table maximum, no exceptions.

An artist table measures approximately 2’ x 6’ and can have a maximum of two (2) chairs and two (2) artist ribbons. Please note that the artist ribbons do not count as convention badges and must be attached to the badge in order to be valid.

  • Table with a convention badge costs: $145.00 CAD
  • Table without a convention badge costs: $95.00 CAD
  • Table cloth security deposit of $10.00 CAD (which you pay at the convention).

You may purchase your secondary artist or helper’s badge if he/she has not preregistered. Please contact the Coordinator for procedures and information.

Convention badges and artist ribbons must be visible at all times when inside the convention. Even if the individual is cosplaying, he/she is required to follow this rule without question.

Tables may ONLY be set up by the primary artist and his/her helper/secondary artist. You may not bring in non-artists (i.e. anyone without an artist badge and ribbon) to help you set up. If additional help is needed, volunteers will be available during setup.

Artist Helper/Secondary Artist

You may register a maximum of two (2) names per table. If you have a helper, please include his/her name and contact e-mail in the original table request or send an e-mail subsequently to register him/her. Your helper or secondary artist will then receive a helper/secondary artist registration package.

Please note that a secondary artist or helper must also have the items listed in section Registration Requirements.

Registration Requirements

Each artist who wishes to apply to the Crafters Corner must:

  1. Include your full legal name, and the full legal name of your helper.
  2. Your email address.
  3. A brief description of the crafts you intend to sell. Photos are not mandatory -- but they are encouraged.
  4. Indicate if you have pre-registered ahead of time or if you are purchasing your membership with your table. NOTE: If you have purchased an Anime North Membership ahead of time, you are required to attach a copy of your EventBrite Anime North TICKET (it is a PDF sent to you after purchasing your membership via e-mail) to your e-mail application for it to be valid.
  5. Represent his/her own body of work and not act as a proxy or representative for another artist.
  6. Have read and understood both the Anime North Convention Policy and the Crafters Corner Policy and Contract Agreement for 2015. Failure to do so will result in the immediate forfeiture of your table application and future applications to the artist areas.
  7. Be at least 14 years of age by May 22, 2015. Please note if you are under 18 you must have a parent/legal guardian cosign the contract.
  8. Be in possession of a Government-Issued Photo ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport, etc.) on May 22, 2015 for the sign-in process. Note that your photo healthcard will not be accepted as a form of identification. Please be aware that using false identification or lending your ID to someone else during sign-in is a criminal offence. This will result in the immediate forfeiture of your table and the denial of future applications to the artist areas.

Listed secondary artists must comply with all the registration requirements as well.

Application Procedure

Please Be Aware: Multiple applications will result in the automatic denial of an applicant, along with any individuals with records of cheating and/or policy breaches in previous years.

To request an application for Anime North’s Crafters Corner, send an e-mail to the Crafters Corner at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the following information included:

  • Name(s) – Maximum of two names. These must match the names on your preregistration as well as the Government ID you bring during sign-in.
  • Secondary artist e-mail contact – This is only if you are adding a helper or second artist/partner to your reservation request. Again, be sure to attach their preregistration confirmation.
  • Confirm that applicant(s) is/are 14 years of age by May 22, 2015State your Date of Birth to confirm your age.  (ie: mm/dd/yyyy or Feb. XX, XXXX) Failing to do so will result in the denial of your application. Please note if you are under 18 you must have a parent/legal guardian cosign the contract.
  • Whether you have or have not purchased an Anime North Full Weekend Membership – This is a must. If you have already pre-registered ahead of time, you are REQUIRED to attach your EventBrite Anime North Ticket PDF to your application e-mail. Failure to include this will result in the immediate denial of your application.
  • Preliminary merchandise list – Please keep this list brief, a good example of a preliminary merchandise list would be:

    "I plan on selling crochet super mario characters, hand sculpted pokemon figurines and lolita cosplay items. I have attached a sample photo of my crafts."

    You may make changes to your list up to and until May 1st 2015.

ONLY THE ARTIST may make a primary artist application request; AGENTS, REPRESENTATIVES, ETC. MAY NOT RESERVE IN YOUR PLACE. Failure to send us samples will result into your forfeiture from Crafters Corner.

Anime North Crafters Corner tables are given on a first come first serve basis. Applicants will receive an email with in 48 hours if they have been given a table or not.

Application Requests will be open from February 20th, 2015 8:00 PM EST and will remain open until all tables have been filled.

Any reservations that are sent before the designated open application request dates will be invalid and ignored.

Registration and Payment

Details regarding registration and payment will be sent to the artist(s) once they receive a table reservation confirmation from the Exhibitors Staff.

Refund Policy

If you have registered for a table with the Crafters Corner but cannot attend Anime North 2015, please contact the Crafters Corner Coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by May 10th, 2015 to arrange a refund. You cannot apply for a refund after this date. Credit for table payment will not be issued.

Please note that pre-registration refunds are not handled by the Crafters Corner. You must send a separate refund request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For more information, please refer to the Anime North website under the Registration menu.

Open Hours

Sign-in: Thursday, May 21, 2015: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM EDT and Friday, May 22, 2015: 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

Please advise the Crafters Corner Coordinator if you are unable to arrive during this time.

No-shows by 11:00 AM EDT on Saturday May 23, 2015 will have their tables reassigned. Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of your table without refund.

Open access to convention attendees (times are subject to change):

  • Friday, May 22, 2015: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT
  • Saturday, May 23, 2015: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM EDT
  • Sunday, May 24, 2015: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM EDT

Sale and Display of Merchandise


Artists may sell and create their art and merchandise in the Crafters Corner, so long as the content sold at their table does not include copyrighted images that are already licensed by other companies.

Only the artwork of the artists registered to the table may be sold at that table. You may not represent any artist that is NOT present at your table or registered with the Crafters Corner at any time.

Works Not Permitted:

  • Fan works of any Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, and Reboot characters are not allowed to be sold in the Crafters Corner (e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, WALL-E, Labyrinth, etc). Stating that you did not know at the convention despite signing this contract will result in the immediate forfeiture of your table;
  • Homestuck and Welcome to Night Vale fan works are not permitted for sale in the Crafters Corner in accordance to the wishes of the creators;
  • Replication of existing artwork and merchandise such as official artwork from other licensed creations or artworks depicting trademarks or copyrighted logos are not allowed and considered copyright infringement. These actions are prosecutable by law;
  • The resale of food, used goods, or retail items (like pocky, art books, or doujinshi made by non-registered artists) is not allowed. If you wish to do this, you must purchase a Dealer’s Table. Please note that you may be fined by the Toronto Congress Centre if you are caught selling food outside of the Dealers Room;
  • The sale of sexual paraphernalia of ANY sort is prohibited in the Crafters Corner.
  • 2D or flat paper media merchandise, or items only permitted for sale in the Comic Market (ie: Paintings, Prints, paper post cards, paper stickers, mylar-paper-pin back buttons, drawn/painted commissions)
  • Photography Prints and Photo-Manipulations
  • Proxy Selling of Merchandise
  • Collaborative Works
  • Print Collaborations

In case of doubt, please contact the Crafters Corner Coordinator for approval of your product(s).

Artist Display Area

Artists may set up their reserved space as they see fit as long as it is safe, stable, does not interfere with other artists’ spaces and/or violate any Anime North AND/OR Toronto Congress Centre regulations. The reserved space is limited to the area provided by the convention.

If your display falls or harms another participant or attendee, you will be asked to take the display down immediately.

Displays overhanging into other Artists’ tables, doorways, corridors, safety exits or any other area outside the reserved space will NOT be allowed.

Adult Material and the Display of Adult Material

Exhibitors may NOT display material depicting nudity or sexual conduct unless it is covered or displayed in such a way that minors cannot view explicit material. Adult material must not be accessible to minors in any way. No adult material may be sold, given, or distributed to a minor. The acceptability of displays of adult material is at the sole discretion of the Crafters Corner Coordinator. Display content (such as images and signage) must not be derogatory in nature (i.e. racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise offensive to the general public).

This rule applies to all artwork on display at your table. Thus, you may NOT display any commission work that violates the above restrictions.

Approval of Adult Material

If you are selling any work in this category, you are required to bring a display copy of your work to the Exhibitors Staff information table where your work will be stamped with an 18+ or PG13 rating.

  • If your work received an 18+ rating, it cannot be openly displayed on the table or be within the reach of minors. Such works can only be viewed by individuals over the age of 18 upon presentation of a valid photo ID. Please note that showing and/or selling items which contain adult content to minors is punishable by law.
  • If your work received a PG13 rating, you may openly display it on your table.

The stamp allows security and convention attendees to know that your work has been approved for display by the Crafters Corner Coordinator. Please make use of this procedure to avoid problems during the convention as failing to do so may result in the loss of your table.

Protection of Valuables

Exhibitors are responsible for their own property, merchandise, and money. Under no circumstances will either Anime North or its agents be liable for loss or damages including but not limited to merchandise, equipment, or revenue.

The Toronto Congress Centre will be locked down at the end of every night; however it is still the responsibility of the artists/exhibitors to look after and ensure safe storage of their personal property.


All participants MUST obey both the Anime North Convention Policy and Crafters Corner Policy and Agreement Contract for 2014. Blocking hallways, aisles, and fire exits will not be tolerated. Any behaviour that disrupts the convention or the premises, or is considered by Anime North as damaging to individuals, property, or the reputation of the convention will result in immediate loss of any Crafters Corner privileges, loss of membership, and expulsion from the convention. If you have any concerns during the convention, please bring them to the attention of the Exhibitors Staff.

Please note that Anime North reserves the right to revoke or deny the application of individuals with records of serious offences in any of our artist areas from previous years.

Failure to abide by the following rules may result in the loss of your table without refund.

Behaviour not acceptable in the Crafters Corner includes (but is not limited to):

  • Selling a table to another individual;
  • Taking chairs from other artists;
  • Sitting and selling behind tables not assigned to you;
  • Allowing someone not registered to the Crafters Corner to sell at your table. Doing so is a breach of contract. The tables are only rented to the artists who have specifically registered for the area and signed the Crafters Corner Policy and Contract Agreement for 2015;
  • Selling your convention badge to another individual along with the table rented to your name;
  • Lending your convention badge to another individual not registered to your table;
  • Lewd behaviour, intimate displays of affection, and touching inappropriate for a family atmosphere will not be tolerated in the Crafters Corner;
  • Harassment to Exhibitors Staff, Anime North Staff, Anime North Volunteers or other participants (i.e. disrespecting the staff’s authority, inappropriate language and/or behaviour, etc.);
  • Applying for or signing in for a Crafters Corner space under a name not your own;
  • Posing as a registered artist by use of their identification with or without their permission. This is a case of identity fraud and/or theft, and is punishable by law;
  • Offensive emails to Anime North Staff members, mass trolling (continuous posts of offensive messages) directed to Anime North staff members in electronic forums.

Reservations for Crafters Corner tables are allocated at the sole discretion of the Anime North Crafters Corner Team. Anime North is in no way obligated to provide tables to any person, persons, or group, and reserves the right to decline applications from any person, persons, or group which have violated the Code of Conduct specified above.

All complaints, conflicts, or discrepancies concerning the Exhibitors staff and/or the artists should be directed to and only to the Crafters Corner Co-ordinator. You may contact the coordinator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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