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Video Programming

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something pretty blue. That’s video programming at Anime North.

All videos with the exception of AMV room and Yaoi North are in the Doubletree Hotel

Screeners and premieres courtesy Viz, Funimation, Crunchyroll, and others. Also be sure to check out the Crunchyroll both running all weekend at the TCC.


Gothfest: A selection of horror themed anime

Fresh From Japan: The newest shows from Japan, fresh down the pike, courtesy of Crunchyroll

Extended Horizons: A selection of titles available on Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll Presents: The folks from Crunchyroll will tell you what they are all about

Funimation Presents: The folks from Funimation are back

Voice Actor Showcase: The Idolm@ster Eps 23-24

Courtesy of Crunchyroll: Stiens Gate

Saturday Morning Cartoon Bonanza: Saturday mornings as they use to be... a wonderful waste of time

Magical Sugar Buzz Theater: The sweetest, most hyper active shows we could find to give you that energy buzz to get you through the rest of the con

Retro Shojo Showcase — Girls Gone Mild: A selection of Shojo series from the past

Karaoke: Not videos but a special event in our area

Dragonball Night in Canada: Saturday nights all right for fighting!

Old School Anime: Featuring Venus Wars and Cleopatra 1970

Blu Velvet Room: Come view the wonders of Blu-ray technology all weekend long (New York Room)

Marathon Room: New and all favorites from over the years shown in blocks (London Room)

The Dub Room: All weekend long, subtitle-free anime and live action shows (Aurora Room)

MCV Contest Replay

Baby Blue Anime (18+): Our all night adult track — must be 18 or older to attend

All Night Anime: Can’t sleep? Need to hang or chill out? Or just plain need to OD on Anime? Then join the All Night Room

Chill Room: Checked in and registered before the con officially starts? Come on down and sit a spell in the Chill Room with some old favorites. Starting noon at the DoubleTree Hotel.

AMV Room: Let the AMV Room razzle dazzle you once again with its variety of AMV related programming. Presenting some of the best Anime Music videos from all over the world, get ready to be amazed. (Algonquin Room, Sheraton Hotel)

Canadian Movie Premieres

Beyond The Mainstream The Movie (Feature Film)

Donna McClain discovers the wonders of the fandom community in all it's forms and the evils of the mundane world

If You Want To Be Happy For The Rest Of Your Life (Short Film)

Marilyn Laraby struggles as a new age singer as she deals with her abusive boyfriend, demanding father and sleazy manager

Q&A with the makers of the films.

Videoscope Panels

Anime Hell Nite in Canada

Friday 10PM, Plaza Ballroom (Dave Merrill)

Strap yourselves down and engage reverse decoupling modulators as ANIME HELL returns to confuse your forebrain AND your hindbrain with kooky anime shorts, fake and REAL commercials, trailers, industrial films, and all kinds of things that defy description, though most could safely be classified as "boss". Anything could happen on the big screen in the Plaza Ballroom.

Midnight Movies

Friday, after Anime Hell, Plaza Ballroom (Dave Merrill)

This year's feature is MESSAGE FROM SPACE, the 1978 sci-fi action extravaganza from Kinji "Battle Royale" Fukusaku, with an international cast, an evil empire out to conquer the universe, a brave band of adventurers striking back, and all the spaceships, explosions, and laser-gun battles you can handle!

Dead Format Society

Saturday 2PM, International B (Dave Merrill)

Pay your respects to the dead video formats of yesteryear as we rob the technological graves of the past and resurrect the fallen. You will witness WITH YOUR VERY EYES working VHS and Beta VCRs, the mystery of the RCA Selectavision, and the power of the mighty Laser Disc. EYE PROTECTION IS SUGGESTED. We'll be demonstrating the fine art of how your anime-fan ancestors used these primitive tools to watch Japanese animation! FREE VHS TAPES FOR THE ENTIRE AUDIENCE.

Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics

Sunday 1PM, International B (Shaindle Minuk, Dave Merrill)

Love comic books? Love them even when they're stupid? Mister Kitty does too. Join Shaindle Minuk and Dave Merrill as they dump a big pile of old comic books on the floor and sort of wallow around in 'em. Metaphorically speaking, of course! The dumbest, most inept, laziest, cheapest, stupidest comics of the past seventy years are on parade for your edification and amusement - including lots of Westerners trying and failing to imitate Japanese manga and anime. It's a riot.

Prince Planet

Sunday 2PM, International B (Dave Merrill, Rick Zerrano)

Here comes Prince Planet! In Japan he's known as YUSEI SHONEN PAPI, but in America in the late 1960s he was Prince Planet, defender of justice, who with his Pendant Of Power battled criminals and space aliens and space alien criminals in 52 episodes of his very one black and white anime TV series. If you remember Prince Planet as a child or if you're just now finding out about the Boy From Radion, join us for a look at Prince Planet, the manga, the toys, the candy promotions, and the adventure of Prince Planet! Ka-Zow!

Totally Lame Anime After Dark

Saturday 8PM-11PM, International B&C

Join Neil Nadelman as he opens his drawers and lets you in on all the unhealable deep-hurting examples of the rock-bottom worst the animation industry can try to offer your eyes. It's a carnival of terrible animation, ugly character design, confusing storylines, complete ripoffs, and other offenses against good taste and decency. Don't miss it!

The French Connection

Saturday 1PM, International B

There is a long history of co-productions between the French and Japanese animation industries that has resulted in well known properties such as Mysterious Cities of Gold, Ulysses 31, Oban Star Racers, and Valerian and Laureline and more. Join Neil Nadelman for a special retrospective.

Openings of a Bygone Era

Sunday 3PM, International B

Neil Nadelman takes a look at some of the best opening and closing animations from our favorite shows over the years.

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