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Dubs that Time Forgot (90 minutes) Sunday 3:30

Anime has spanned the globe as a cultural force for more than 60 years. During that time, hundreds of companies have dubbed thousands of features into English. A precious few have survived to become favorites, but many more dubbed versions of anime have sank into obscurity. Join hosts Dave Merrill and Mike Toole for a fascinating look into the secret history of Japanese animation in English, as we uncover alternate dubs of old favorites, VHS-only obscurities, pilot films, sales reels, and other surprises.

Ghibli before Ghibli (60 minutes) Friday 8:00PM

In the early 1960s, a pair of young animators at Toei became friends. One of them was a charismatic public speaker and a passionate labor organizer; the other one was nicknamed "Paku" because of his penchant for stomping around the office, munching on bread. We now know this pair as Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata-- but how did they develop their craft? Join host Mike Toole for a look at some of the lesser-known classics from these legendary animators, made long before Studio Ghibli was formed.

The Anime Arcade: Anime Based on Video Games (60 minutes) Saturday 11:00AM

From Pokemon to Phantasy Star Online, anime versions of popular video games seem like an obvious thing, a way to please fans of both media. But back in the 80s, home video games were still a fairly new thing. Anime OVAs, direct-to-video releases, were also new—and mixing them up led to some unexpected results! Join producer Mike Toole for a fascinating look at some of the earliest anime based on video games—games involving ninja, star soldiers, and Super Mario himself!

Anime Short Cuts (60 minutes) Saturday 3:00PM

Anime is most often delivered to fans in 25-minute TV servings, spaced out weekly. But something funny happened in the 90s-- a whole bunch of anime migrated to late-night broadcasts, and studios started experimenting with format. Soon enough, short-format TV anime-- anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes-- became a real phenomenon. Join host Mike Toole for a nutty countdown of infernal cops, dogs and cats disguised as fruits and veggies, profane hamsters, and golden eggs, as we take a closer look at a dozen of the finest, weirdest, and funniest short anime TV series.

Bootleg "Anime" from South Korea (60 minutes)

South Korea has been the animation second unit to the entire world for decades. But something funny happened in the 1970s—the rapid modernization of the country meant that the public was hungry for programming for their movie theatres and new color TVs. But due to some long-held national grudges, Japanese anime was banned on South Korean airwaves. As a result, the legions of animators used to finishing fare like Mazinger Z and Captain Harlock for Toei turned out their own, uniquely Korean cartoons-- cartoons that took inspiration not just from anime, but also from Batman and Wonder Woman comics, sci-fi TV shows and movies, and more. Join host Mike Toole for a look at some of the most unlikely and entertaining of these little-known “bootleg anime.”

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