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Sophie Chan

Born in Iraq, Sophie-chan became infatuated with shôjo manga at the tender age of seven. With dreams of becoming a manga artist herself, she began teaching herself to draw using her favorite shows as inspiration. Even as she studied to become an engineer, she kept drawing, refusing to give up her dream of becoming a world-class manga artist. Things took a dramatic turn in 2008 when she started a YouTube channel, which has since amassed an audience of 370k subscribers, and serves as a platform to not only show off her own artwork to fans of her legions of fans, but also provides tutorials to aspiring manga-ka all around the world.

Now living in Canada with her family, Sophie-chan proves that with hard work, patience and sheer determination you can realize your dreams. She continues to inspire others with her incredible story, and will release her first-ever manga, Ocean of Secrets through the newly relaunched TOKYOPOP in 2017. See her illustrate her own inspiring story here, and read a recent interview with her with Diamond Book Distributors.

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