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Greg Diaczyk

Apollo Okamura

While this fellow may bear a passing resemblance to Palladium Books’ beloved Rifter® Editor Wayne Smith (The Wayne Clone, 2009 Open House Contest Winner), he is in fact, one of the freelance writers for Palladium Books.

By day, Greg works as a Mechanical Engineer and his career has exposed him to all kinds of projects. Some of the highlights include the development of protection and survivability equipment and features for military vehicles and stealth systems for aircraft and naval applications.

By night, he is a freelance writer for Palladium Books, an avid gamer (both computer and role-playing games) and father of three boys (all of whom are eager to get into Daddy’s gaming) and, apparently, the greatest husband in the world.

At the end of elementary school, Greg was drawn into Choose Your Own Adventure books and role-playing games. The concept of creating your own story drew him and his friends to take a crack at designing their own games (a game they made up as well as one for a school project). He eventually stumbled upon the local hobby store, Fandom II in Ottawa (the capital city of Canada) where he picked up his first Palladium Books products; a copy of Heroes Unlimited™, Revised Edition, Ninjas & Superspies™ and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® & Other Strangeness, Revised Edition. From there, his collection has grown exponentially.

Greg’s favorite game, however, was introduced to him by his close friend and started a long line of adventures and gaming in the world of Rifts®. While many assume the biggest draw to the expansive setting of Rifts® is being able to play anything and everything (and, yes, Greg agrees that this is one of his favorite parts), it was the fantastical explanations of myths and legends as well as bringing them to the forefront of the current game time-line, offering a connection to the past and exploring the ramifications of the revealed mysteries, that set his imagination soaring.

He is best known for Rifts® Lemuria, but has been published in several issues of The Rifter® (#10, 27, 37, 50, 51, 57, 58 and 76), and he pitched in on the editing of Rifts® Dimension Book 14: Thundercloud Galaxy™. Greg continues to explore the realms of science, magic, myths and legends with Rifts® New Navy 2™, and Heroes Unlimited™: Hardware Unlimited™.

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