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Tomoyo Kurosawa

Born in Saitama prefecture on April 10 th , after graduating from Tokyo Jidou Gekidan (a prestigious child acting studio in Tokyo), Tomoyo Kurosawa started to working with Mausu Promotion voice acting management firm in 2012.

As a child actor, at the age of four she appeared in “Aoi Tokugawa Sandai ” or one of the famous annual year-long historical fiction drama on NHK. Tomoyo made her first debut as a voice actress in “Uchu show e youkoso( Welcome to the space show)” as the main character Natsuki Koyama, and she quickly earned her reputation as a voice of Kimiko Omae from Kyoto Animation blockbuster show “Sound Euphonium”.

Her recent work includes such as; Otome Arisugawa from “Aikatsu!”, Itsuki Inubozaki from “Yuki Yuna is a Hero”, Miria Akagi from “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls”, Mirai Kmizuki from “Seraph of the End”, Liko from “Active Raid” and Ayano Anemori from “Ragnastrike Angels”.

Due to professional committments, Ms. Kurosawa will only be appearing at Anime North on the Friday and Saturday.

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Personal message to AN Attendees

Hi, everyone. Nice to see you. My name is Tomoyo Kurosawa. I am attending Anime North this year and it is gonna be my first visit to Canada! When I was born my mother gave me this name "Tomoyo" (translated into friends in English) as she wished that I am able to make a lot of friends all around the world. As my name says, I am looking forward to making a lot of friends in Canada and go back home with great memories. Please come to my events and I am very excited to see you all there!

Notes for Tomoyo Kurosawa Autograph Session

  • First-come, first served.
  • One item per person only.
  • Items for autograph must be genuine official products.
  • No photograph taking, no recording, no filming during autograph session.
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