Deadstar is an original Sci-Fi/Fantasy web series about two very lonely people from opposite ends of the galaxy. A wanted mercenary, Harrison and a little girl with a mysterious ability, Panala. In their journeys to find meaning in their lives, Harrison and Panala cross each other’s path. And through a twist of fate, their meeting turns out to be tied to the fate of the entire universe.

My name is Brandon Wright, I’ve been animating this series on my own since 2011. I animate the show with Blender. I’ve been an anime fan since I was a kid, so the fact that I’ve be able to create my own anime-esque series for so many years has literally been a dream come true. However, the work load can be daunting at times. But I truly bleed for this show. There have been many times where I wanted to not just quit the show... but quit being an artist as a whole, because of how grueling the work can be and how humiliating it can be to vigorously promote yourself. BUT the responses from many anime/animation fans has been so kind and enthusiastic, it makes all the personal struggles worth it. At the end of the day, no matter how hard I’ve worked on the actual show, it’s very difficult for me to find an audience and fans. So I’m very thankful that AnimeNorth has decided to give this series such a prominent showcase at this convention. So I’m very hard at work right now to make sure I can give you guys a unique, and highly entertaining communal experience watching the series. So I hope you guys check out the previous episodes of the series if you want to catch up on the story before the event. That way you can get more involved with the story and understand what’s going on in these new episodes. Or if you want to come into the screening completely unaware of the previous chapters and just watch some cool animation... that’s cool with me!


Screening Event episode list:

  • Short Intro Animation
  • “Harrison and the Crystal Star” Short Film (Previously released but only available at Con screenings)
  • “Harrison Vs. Zemn” Short Film
  • “Under God’s Eye” Short Film (New/Premiering at the con)
  • Deadstar episode 9

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