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Anime Only Connect

The hit British quiz show is back for its second year at Anime North 2017! Connections must be made between seemingly unrelated anime terms. To succeed, your team will need keen anime insight, and perhaps think outside the box!


Player Eligibility

This is a difficult team quiz game show that requires extensive anime knowledge.

The main event is on Saturday at 2:00 PM. There will be a tryout for 4 captain positions on Friday at 4:00 PM. Chosen captains will select their own teammates.

The TV show uses teams of 3, but Anime North will use teams of 4 (captain + 3 teammates). There will be two games in the main event for a total of 16 players.

Captain responsibilities

  • Selects 3 teammates
  • Is the only player who can request extra clues or use the buzzer in the first two rounds
  • Is the only player who can answer a tiebreaker in the final round

The Anime Jeopardy tryout (rules here) serves double-duty as the Anime Only Connect captain tryout. All attendees may try out for the captain position, including past Anime Jeopardy contestants.

Anyone wishing to be a captain is strongly recommended to watch a TV episode of Only Connect before Anime North. There are full episodes on YouTube.

Teammate responsibilities

  • Confers with the captain and other teammates for the answers
  • May answer in the first two rounds after the captain buzzes in
  • May use the buzzer and answer in the final round (except the tiebreaker)

Gameplay (Rounds 1 and 2)

  • Teams alternate turns for the first two rounds.
  • Captains select an Anime North venue. Behind each venue is a set of four clues.
  • The active team has 40 seconds to come up with the answer.
  • The captain may request additional clues in the set to be revealed, but the point value will decrease. Point values are 5, 3, 2, and 1.
  • To submit an answer, the captain buzzes in. Any player on the team may then give out the answer.
  • If incorrect, or if time runs out, the other team gets all the clues revealed and may steal for 1 point.
  • Round 1: Connections – All four clues are seemingly random, but they have something that links them. What is the connection?
  • Round 2: Sequences – The clues are part of an ordered set. What is the fourth clue in the sequence? Only the first three clues may be revealed.

Gameplay (Final round: Missing Vowels)

  • Teams compete head-to-head.
  • The timer is set at 2 minutes and does not stop.
  • Sets of four incomplete clues are revealed one at a time. These clues have all vowels removed, and may also have spaces inserted or removed.
  • Any player on either team may buzz in. Each correct answer is 1 point.
  • If not answered immediately or the answer is wrong, that team will lose 1 point. The other team then gets a chance to steal for 1 point.
  • Any response after timeout doesn’t count, even if someone was in the middle of giving an answer.
  • If the score is tied after timeout, the next clue is revealed as the tiebreaker. Only captains may buzz in and answer.


  • The tryout form indicates whether you wish to play in Anime Jeopardy or Anime Only Connect, or both. If you select both and pass, you must choose one of them if there are still positions available for both. Priority is given to the highest scorers.
  • Teammates don’t have to be at the captain tryout. However, chosen captains who don’t already have teammates in mind will likely choose from the people in that room.
  • Though Anime Jeopardy players cannot be captains, they may still be chosen as teammates.
  • If a captain doesn’t have 3 teammates by game time, they will be randomly chosen from the audience. As the anime knowledge of everyone in the room varies, captains should conduct their own search for teammates.
  • Due to time constraints, the “connecting wall” round on the TV show is not played.
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