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Attendance Cap

As you're all no doubt aware, Anime North has been getting bigger and bigger each year for quite a while now, with each year setting a new attendance record. While this is great in a lot of ways (we love to see everyone coming out and having fun), handling all these people, getting all the attendees into and around the con without having to stand in line-ups for hours, is a huge job, especially when you're a volunteer-run event. There are also potential issues of over-crowding at our more popular events, and in the hotels in general that have to be taken seriously. Because of this, Anime North has now established an attendance cap.

The objective is to limit total attendance on any single day to 20,000 people. Taking this into account, the total number of admissions that will be sold for Anime North 2014 will be:

  • Weekend/Group: 15,000
  • Friday-only: 5,000
  • Saturday-only: 5,000
  • Sunday-only: 5,000

Weekend and Saturday-only are the most popular admission choices, and we cannot guarantee that any of these admissions will be available for purchase at the door of the convention; we strongly recommend you purchase your Weekend or Saturday-only admissions through pre-registration when it opens Jan 02, 2014. Friday-only and Sunday-only admissions (which are much less popular) will be available for purchase at the door of the convention, and will also be available through pre-registration this year.

You might ask why Anime North does not simply move to a larger venue. We have looked at possible other locations, but so far, they have had drawbacks that would affect the convention: insufficient nearby hotel rooms, limited public transit access, lack of smaller programming space necessary for many of our events, or higher venue fees that would have to be passed on to the attendees. Finally, there are limits on how large a convention our volunteer staff can handle.

The attendance cap was first introduced in 2012 and worked well, so it will be continued with no changes for 2014. Please take it into account when you make your plans for attending the con in 2014.


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