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Harassment Policy

Harassment, stalking and/or intimidation are not allowed at Anime North under any circumstance and may result in loss of membership badge without refund and removal from convention space. Venue management and/or police may take further action if they feel it warranted.

“No.” means No, “Go away.” means Go Away Now and Don’t Come Back. This applies to actions directed at anyone, by anyone.

Congoers who believe they are being harassed should immediately make it known in a clear, unmistakable way that the attention is unwelcome and as quickly as possible approach any con staff member for help in dealing with the situation.

Intentionally touching anyone without their permission can be considered assault and may result in police involvement as well as loss of membership badge without refund and removal from convention space.

“Glomping” and “Free Hugs” are still physical contact and you need to ask permission from people you don’t know first or they may be considered assault and/or harassment and dealt with as such.

Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault are legal distinctions that are outside the scope of Anime North to decide and will be left to the authorities to take appropriate actions. However, incidents with blatantly sexual speech or acts, or touching of a more personal nature (ie – areas of the body that would be covered by jockey shorts or bra & panties) will be treated very seriously.

It is not appropriate to touch someone who appears to be either transgender or dressed as a member of the opposite sex to find out if their body parts are real without very clear permission. Anime North will treat such incidents with equal severity whether the body part touched was real or costume.

Yaoi Paddles

“Yaoi Paddles”, “Yuri Paddles”, and similar items that exist for the same reason may not be carried in convention space. If one is purchased in the Dealers Room, it will be securely wrapped and must be immediately taken off site (i.e. to hotel room, car, or home).

Using a Yaoi or Yuri Paddle in public areas will be result in loss of membership badge without refund and removal from convention space and may lead to police involvement.

Costume and Cosplay

All con goers, whether in costume or street clothes must have opaque fabric covering the areas of the body that would be covered by jockey shorts or bra & panties.

Nudity is not allowed, opaque bodysuits that simulate nudity are not allowed if they are too accurate.

Anyone wearing a costume that is too revealing will be asked to cover up or change.

Cosplayers who plan on wearing revealing costumes should bring a cover with them, for traveling between buildings, sitting in air conditioned rooms, or if they feel uncomfortable for any other reason.

Costume elements that may be disturbing or offensive to others are not allowed in convention space. Anyone wearing such items may be asked to remove or cover them up.

Con goers may be asked to remove fetish costume elements such as chains or handcuffs because of safety concerns for themselves and others.

PDAs – Public Displays of Affection

Please be considerate of others while you are in convention space. Simple PDAs like holding hands, hugging, brief kisses are fine but keep anything more intimate for your hotel room so bystanders won’t be forced to be part of your love life.

Same-sex couples are entitled to express affection the same as male-female couples without drawing attention, positive or negative.

Pressuring or bribing people to perform PDAs in public spaces, whether same-sex or male-female, is harassment and will not be allowed.

Don’t assume you can tell anything about the love life of a cosplayer based on a revealing costume and how they behave with their friends. When in doubt, it’s best to politely ask their age before anything you may regret later happens.

Access Policy


Anime North will do everything possible within reason to ensure that all congoers can enjoy the convention to the best of their abilities. Con-AID (Convention Access and Information Department) will be set up in the hotels and in the TCC to help.


What the Con-AID tables provide:

• Information about convention locations and events

• Schedule Updates

• Registration for Access Services (TCC only)

• Assistance with general inquiries.

Access Stickers


Congoers who use assistive devices or face other barriers in taking part fully in the events at Anime North due to health, age, temporary disability or illness, or other issues, may register at no extra cost at the Con-AID desk for an Access Attendee sticker. Sticker pickup and registration will be at TCC Con-AID table only. This applies to both Access members and their attendants. All others must go through main registration even when traveling together.


The Access sticker is in addition to the standard badge issued at registration and is used to alert Anime North Staff that you are eligible for Access Services such as seating and line-up priority.


You must provide proof that you have paid for an Anime North membership either through pre-registration or at the door before you will be issued an Access sticker. Attendant memberships will be available for free to access attendees who bring an officially recognized attendant (CNIB staff, private service staff, ASL interpreters, etc) or a family member who serves in the same capacity.


Only one attendant allowed per Access membership and only available to those with long term needs. Exceptions may be made for those who require a second attendant or other special requirements, requests for exceptions to the policy must be made in writing before the convention.


Attendant must accompany the Access member at pickup. Access member may be asked to show a government approved access card.


The Access Sticker provides:

• Reserved seating in Main Room. Tickets or wristbands will still be required for limited capacity events.

• Front of Line, Early Entry and Advance Seating to events where crowds may be an issue.

• Wristband pickup at the Con-AID desk at the International Plaza Hotel. Wristbands for Access will be issued at the same time they are issued for general attendees.

• Phone numbers and directions for nearby hospitals, clinics, veterinarians (for service animals) accessible transport, opticians, pharmacies, etc.


We cannot provide:

• Lifting, carrying or other physical contact beyond what is necessary in emergency situations.

• Wheelchairs, crutches, canes or other needed devices

• Drugs, prescription or over the counter, herbal treatments

• Dietetic foods

Access privileges do not extend to members of your party who do not otherwise qualify for them.


If you do not need an attendant, or already have one, you are welcome to be a volunteer.


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