Anime North 2006 - Volunteer Information


Anime North needs plenty of volunteers over the convention weekend to help run the con. Why should you volunteer? Well, there’s the warm fuzzy feeling you get for helping to make the convention possible, thereby bring much joy and happiness to your fellow attendees. And of course we offer a range of volunteer rewards depending on how many hours you work.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please read the Volunteering FAQ for complete details.

If you send your name and a valid email to volunteers@animenorth.com, you’ll be added to a mailing list, and kept informed on matters such as the Volunteers Orientation Meeting, to be held about a month before the con (details to follow).

There is a LIMITED amount of Crash Space (overnight sleeping space) available for volunteers at Anime North.  Please read the Crash Space FAQ for complete details. Note that crash space CANNOT be arranged in advance of the con, it is first-come first-served.

Note that if you are NOT at least 18 years old, your parents or guardians MUST sign the Volunteering
Waiver Form, and you must bring this form to the convention.

High School Community Service Requirement

Ontario high schools require students to have put in 40 hours of volunteer community service in order to graduate, and we are often asked if volunteering for Anime North can count towards those hours.

The hours count if the person from the school who decides if you completed all your hours wants them to count.

We've been told no by various schools, many students have been told no, while others have been allowed to count them.

The convention does not have the time or resources it takes to figure out what schools do or don't count them, not with all the other work that goes in to putting the con on.

So if anyone wants us to vouch that they worked the hours, we'd have no problem doing that as long as they really worked the hours. But it's up to each student to find out beforehand whether the hours will be counted for them or not, and whether it makes a difference if they volunteer in certain areas (charity auction, access dept) and if it does, to let the volunteer coordinator know that you want to volunteer for those areas and why.