Free Gaming Zone!

Come join us at Hotel Gaming for a free-for-all no-systems-barred gaming extravaganza! We bring the hardware, you bring the games! We’ll have systems and games on hand too, but you’re welcome to bring your own. Just show up and speak with a gaming staff member – we’ll make sure everyone gets their turn at the TVs.

Mario Kart: Double Dash Tournament (Friday 6:30PM)

Choose your characters, pick your wacky kart, and prepare yourself for multiplayer mayhem! Come test your Mario Kart-ing skills and compete in the Winner or Not-Really-Winner brackets. Everyone is out to get first place, so watch out for those blue shells! Space is limited to 48 players, so come register for the tourney starting at 5PM on Friday.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament (Saturday 11AM)

Battle it out in your favorite Nintendo fighting game. Novices are welcome, but hardcore serious tournament fighting rules apply: 1v1 battles, no items, and limited stage selection. Space limited to 64 players. Pre-register to ensure your spot on Friday at 6PM, or before the tourney on Saturday at 10:30AM.

Secret Mini-Game Tourney (Sunday 11AM)

Looking for a fun distraction Sunday morning? Check out this mini videogame tourney that tests your hand-eye coordination to the max! Hardcore rules apply – baseball bats WILL come into play!

Handheld Meet & Greet (Sunday 12PM)

Got a Nintendo? Play Mario Kart DS or Metroid Prime Hunters? Want to meet other handheld owners? Whether DS, PSP, GBA or old-school Game Boy, this is where you get together for some multiplayer handheld action! Check the gaming area whenever to see who is up for a game, or come on Sunday at the designated time.