Independant Budget Travel in Japan Panel Presentation!

Many of you have requested a copy of the PowerPoint presentation that was shown in the Independant Budget Travel in Japan panel on Saturday the 27 May 2007 in the DoubleTree hotel.

So we have made it available, but only to AnimeNorth attendees!

Please specify below your e-mail address and the room that the travel panel was shown in, and we will immediately e-mail you a copy to your e-mail address. (Note that AnimeNorth attendees can easily look in the program guide in order to find out the room that the Independant Budget Travel in Japan panel was held in!)

Name of Room the Panel was held in:

Warning: the PowerPoint presentation will be sent to you in a large 2.5MB e-mail attachment!

Note that the panel room name is a single word, not a number.
If you have any difficulties with this form, please e-mail: