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COMEDY IMPROV by the 404s

You know 'em, you love 'em, and anime fandom's best known improv comedy troupe is back! Together since 1998, "The 404s" are a traveling group of nitwits who create improvised comedy sketches based on suggestions from the audience. They've packed events (anime and otherwise) from Vancouver to Ottawa, and they're thrilled to be back at Anime North for a record fifth year!

If you've seen The 404s before, you know how much fun they can be, and why you can't miss one of their performances. They combine classic improv games with their own new creations, and you never know who might be performing with them - guests, convention staff, and maybe even... you? It's hilarious improv comedy with an anime twist - and don't forget, audience participation is mandatory! For more info, check out:!




10 - 11 PM: Mississauga Room at the Doubletree Hotel, a little more "adult show" of Comedy Improv.

Come and have some fun, but please note this show is at least AA. Minors will require accompaniment.


3 - 5:30 PM: the Voice Actors, Special Guests and the 404s join forces for the Charity Auction to raise money for the Hospital for Sick Kids!

6 PM: The 404s will be the pre-show to set you up for the big Masquerade in the Doubletree Hotel Plaza Ballroom!


2 – 3 PM: Returning to the Mississauga Rooms, we'll be doing a more family oriented show but we might just have a surprise or two for you so come on out to cap the weekend off at Anime North!

Mark Nguyen - Producer / Host
The 404s - Improv Comedy