Registration FAQ

If you have any further questions, please email Anime North Registration at

Q: Can I pre-register for single day admissions?

A: Pre-registration is for the entire weekend only; single day admissions must be purchased at the door.

Q: I've sent in my pre-registration. How do I get my tickets to Anime North?

A: After your pre-registration has been processed, you will be sent a confirmation form by email, if you have provided an email address, or by regular mail. Please save this form, and bring a paper copy with you to the Registration Desk when you first arrive at the convention. Upon showing your form there, you will receive your convention badge, which allows you access to all convention events, except for special meal events which require an additional ticket.

Q: I've sent in my pre-registration. When do I get a reply?

A: It will take approximately 3-4 weeks to process your pre-registration and your payment. You will then be contacted by email or regular mail to confirm that we have received your registration.

Q: I've purchased a T-shirt/Brunch ticket/Meet & Greet ticket with my pre-registration. How do I pick them up?

A: Tickets will be available at the Registration Desk when you first register at the convention. Be sure to ask for them. T-Shirts will be available for pickup at the merchandise desk; just give them your name to get your shirt.

Q: Do all the members of a Group Registration have to arrive at the convention at the same time?

A: No, individual confirmation forms are sent out to each member so that they can register separately at the convention. Group leaders should make sure that each member has received their forms.

Q: Can I add new people to my Group Registration?

A: Yes, just send us the names and addresses (including email if available) of the new people, along with correct payment, as well as the group registration that they are being added to. However, this applies only to new members of the convention. People with existing pre-registrations cannot transfer over to a group registration, and then request a partial refund.

Q: Do I have to use my real name when I register, or on my badge?

A: Yes, Anime North requires a complete full legal name when registering, as well on your convention badge. You can also include a nickname or con name on your badge as well.

Q: I've bought my admission through the Art Department as a member of Artist Alley, but I wish to pre-order a Brunch Ticket/Meet or Greet ticket / T-Shirt from Registration. How should I do this?

A: Fill out a Registration form, ordering the tickets or merchandise you wish to purchase, and send it in to the Art Dept. with your Artist Alley form and full payment. The Art Dept. will pass it on to the Registration Dept.

Q: When do I have to get my registration in the mail to meet the deadline for the price increase on March 18th or the cutoff on April 22rd?

A: Registrations have to be postmarked on or before the deadlines, so if you get it into the mail on those dates, that's fine. We do not have to have received them by the deadlines.

Once again, should you have any further questions, please e-mail Anime North Registration at