Fan Events


There will be something new this year at Anime North, a new shopping
experience. On Friday night, for a few hours only, there will be tables
set up and YOU will be both the sellers and the buyers. It is like a
garage sale without the garage, a flea market without the fleas.


Q: Nominoichi?

A: Nominoichi - A Japanese Flea Market.

Q: So who is selling?

A: Regular attendees. People who bought a weekend badge, or even a
one-day badge. There might be some staff and Volunteers there too.

Q: Who is Not Selling?

A: Dealers and Artist ally people. They already bought a table to sell
stuff all weekend. This is chance for everyone else to sell.

Q: Sell what exactly?

A: Anime Stuff. This one is hard to answer. I will be, for example, be
selling most of my VHS Tape collection and a few DVD’s. I also have some
old Art Books I do not look at anymore, so they are going. Perhaps I’ll
add a CD or two and some other miscellaneous anime items I do not use

Q: Is that it?

A: No, but that is the stuff I would expect. This is like a garage sale
of Anime items. If you have too much stuff and you want to sell some of
it then this is the place for you. Most people I know have a few things
they could sell and this is the best chance to get many anime buyers in
one place.

Q: So is it all used stuff?

A: Probably. However, if you have some “new” things and you want to sell
them then go ahead.

Q: So is it all anime stuff?

A: Yeah, Anime stuff can be a bit hard to define, but common sense would
apply. If someone is selling something non-anime we will ask them to
remove it. If you want to sell something and are unsure please ask first.

Q: So is it all junk?

A: I hope not, but let’s be serious. If I had something that would sell
for over $50+ on EBay then that’s where I would sell it. Selling a VHS
tape for a buck or two is better than nothing, and I know someone else
will watch it. As a buyer you can get a whole series for the cost one
DVD, and you can avoid all that guilt that comes from downloading it. (^_^)

Q: So what will NOT be there?

A: Bootlegs and Fansubs. Don’t even try. Same for weapons or props with
a metal blade.

Q: So how much stuff will be there?

A: I have no idea, that all depends on what people bring and how many
people bring stuff.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Again that is up to the sellers to decide, it is their stuff to sell.
However if you're nice, and willing to deal, perhaps you can get a bargain.


So do you want to get in on this action? Well here is the information,
some is still pending approval, but what we got so far:

IF you want to sell, you should Email and reserve a

Space is limited and when all the spaces are taken a small stand-by list
is made.

The room will get ready at 8:00 pm and the Sellers will be called in at
about 8:30 to set up.

IF you are not right there, ready with your stuff, when you are called
THEN YOU GET BUMPED! Someone from the standby list takes your place.

Sellers will pay a fee of $5 for the space; the money collected will go
to Sick Kids.

About 9:00 pm the doors open to the public, so be ready.

At about 11:30 the room will close, and you have until midnight to clean
up and get out.


DO plan on doing it by yourself or with your friends, DO NOT ask our
staff to help you bring your stuff in, set it up, or take it down.

DO bring all that you need, DO NOT ask me, or the person next you, for
some extra tape or markers to make price tags or signs (you really
should have all that done before you get in the room.)

DO bring a LOT of change and small bills. DO NOT ask me, or the person
next you, for help to break a $20.

DO have an exit plan. DO NOT ask me, or the person next to you, to watch
your stuff if you go the washroom.

DO keep an eye on your stuff. DO NOT expect security to protect it for you.

Finally, try to keep things priced at whole dollars. Forget the $1.50
make it $1 or $2. (That one is not a rule, but it is some good advice.)

Still reading? Any Questions? Just ask Want to get
on the Sellers list? Try If you want any further
information please inquire at ... wait ...