Anime North Music Video Competition
Rules and Regulations

10th Anniversary Anime North Music Video Poll

2006 General Information

Music videos can be submitted for any category. A total of one Competition and one Exhibition entry per individual entrant will be accepted. Competition entries must have premiered no earlier than November 1st, 2005 and have not won any previous awards. All entries must be postmarked no later than Monday April 3rd 2006 and received no later than Friday April 7th 2006. The mailing address for DVDs/CD-Vs and VHS tapes is:

        Anime North Music Video Competition
                c/o Darkain Arts
                44 Cluny Avenue
                Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA
                L8L 3H8

For links sent over the Internet, the email address is:
                Subject: AN2006 Music Video Entry - <video title here>

Please include all the required entry form information in the body of the email or attach a completed entry form as a word document or .pdf file.

Technical Formats

DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS. Send copies only. DVDs, CD-ROMs, and videotapes cannot be returned and become the property of Anime North. All tapes must be clearly labeled with the real name, e-mail address, mailing address and phone number of the entrant. Each entry must include a title, source of music, source of video clips, entry category, and a brief statement (maximum 50 words, longer statements will be penalized) outlining the artistic vision/intent of the video. A sample entry form is available for downloading.

Please submit entries on CD-ROM or DVD in a format (CD-V or DVD) that can be played on a standard DVD Player (such as a Panasonic DVD-RV32). Ensure VHS entries recorded at SP speed are submitted on new, good quality videotapes to insure adequate reproduction. Videos that are drawn from poor source material or poorly reproduced on used videotape will not be shown.

PLEASE NOTE: This year we are accepting .avi entries. They can be sent on discs that can be read on a PC or by emailing the video link over the Internet. We encourage the use of HuffYUV encoding, but will still accept DivX encoding. Please ensure that your entry matches the NTSC frame-rate of 29.97 frames/second with a minimum resolution of 640x480 pixels and a preferred resolution of 720x480 pixels. These files will be transferred into MPEG-2 format for convention viewing. We do not take responsibility for any degradation in video quality that occurs due to the transfer process.

All entries should include 3 seconds of silent, black screen at the beginning and end of each video.

Entry Processing

Due to the overwhelming number of entries last year, each competition entry will be prescreened based on the judging criteria noted below. The full judging panel will review those videos that pass the prescreening cut. All videos entered will be shown at Anime North at various times during the con. The awards will be presented immediately following the viewing of the finalist entries. Any entries classified by the judges as Alternative that did not make the finalist cut will be shown during a late evening slot. Every effort will be made to show every video submitted to the competition at least once in convention function space.

Judging Criteria

Competition entries must use music as the main soundtrack. Vocal and instrumental music from any genre and language is acceptable. Entries must be no shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 6 minutes. At least two thirds of the footage must be from Japanese Animation. The remainder may be provided from other sources such as Live Action or North American animation. Eroticism, sensuality (ecchi, lemon), violent action and ludicrous over-the-top cartoon violence are acceptable. Coarse language in song lyrics should conform to that which is acceptable on Canadian radio or in a PG-13 film.

Videos that do not meet the above requirements and/or include graphic sex, extreme violence, misogyny and sexual violence (hentai) will be labeled Alternative entries. Judges reserve the right to show these videos to a later timeslot. If such a video makes the finalists’ cut then they will be shown late in the viewing.

WARNING: Videos that use footage from other Anime Music Videos must have written consent from the original creator of the source video (along with original creator contact information) or else the video will be disqualified.

Music videos will be judged based on the following criteria:

Editing: This includes the technical aspects of the AMV, including complexity of special effects, cutting, fading and pacing of the images to the music. (35% of the objective mark)

Cinematography: This includes the overall quality of the AMV visual and audio components. This also includes how special effects enhance or detract from the video. (25% of the objective mark)

Originality: This includes the creative use of footage and music to make the video into something unique and never seen before. (20% of the objective mark)

Artistic Vision: Based on the boldness of vision and adherence to the statement of artistic vision/intention. It also includes the mood and atmosphere created by the audio and visual selections and the visceral impact it has on the audience, good or bad. (20% of the objective mark)

Judges’ Impression: This is the most subjective of the criteria - how well the judges like the video. (Not included in the objective mark)


There will be four categories for entrants this year. They are:

Open: This category is open to any and all AMV creators in anime fandom who wants to pit his or her entry against some of the best in the business. The winner of this category will receive the Northern Lights Award.

Novice: This category is for to entrants who do not feel comfortable entering the Open category. These neophytes have never won an award or prize for their work. The winner of this category will receive the Newcomer’s award and a promotion to the Open category next year.

Exhibition: This category is not judged and is open to anyone who wishes to submit a video for the general viewing pleasure of the convention attendees. As an exception to the general rules, the AMVs in this category can be from any year.
Momiji's Challenge: Our mascot was delighted with the popularity and quality of last year’s entries in the one-minute video challenge. Lately, she has become enamored with country and western music, so for this year the challenge is to use anime footage to lampoon a country and western video. The video running time is left open to the entrants and all standard judging criteria apply. In addition, each entry will be penalized for using obvious Cowboy Bebop or Trigun footage. However, marks will be rewarded for using silly song titles. Examples include: Mama Get The Hammer (There’s a Fly on Papa’s Head); You Done Tore Out My Heart and Stomped that Sucker Flat; and Drop Kick Me, Jesus (Through the Goal Posts of Life). The winner will receive the Momiji’s Challenge Award

This year, entries from the Open, Novice and Challenge categories will be also eligible for the four Criterion Awards and the Momiji no Video Award.


Anime North awards the venerable Inukshuks for creative excellence. Winners will have their name and video title engraved on trophies to be presented during the convention.

The Music Video Competition awards include:

Northern Lights Award: Best Overall Music Video
Momiji no Video Award: Judges’ Favorite Music Video
Newcomer’s Award: Winner of the Novice category
Momiji’s Challenge Award: Winner of the Momiji’s Challenge category
Criterion Awards: Awards for excellence in Editing, Cinematography, Creativity, and Artistic Vision

Some videos that do not win awards will receive Honourable Mentions.

If anyone requires further clarification, please contact the Anime Music Video Competition Coordinator at